It’s been several months or so since I’ve rested my soul long enough to even begin to think of writing. Yet I knew as summer came to an end that the thought and feel of autumn would beckon my soul to whisper or yell out something. And yesterday, when feeling that first touch of cooler autumn air, I was taken to many places in my heart, mind, and soul.

This morning I thought of a big tree with many leaves that are about to change color. And how the leaves would fall to the ground in a timely sequenced matter. And in the moment I thought of how similar life is to us. How the leaves in our lives all change, and in the end, fall away from us.  Yet during their time as part of our branches they were critical in our growth. Some were even part of a branch that had fallen with us.   So at a high level, our colors change in our lives, our leaves come and go, our branches grow stronger and sometimes simply break off.  And of course, there are all the pains and joys of seeing our leaves change or tumble off in our lives. Yet we somehow grow. And the leaves rumble on, carried by the winds and rains and eventually play a bigger role in something else.

There are days I wish I could grasp all my leaves and hold them to me forever green. Not wanting any to fall or to change. And then I think of an autumn 500 years ago. And in that time there rests a tree quietly. And just as the leaves do today, the leaves of that tree slowly changed and fell. And life moved along. Long before any thought of my current existence, there is life transcending. There it was. A beautiful tree on which I was once perhaps just a leaf. And even today, although that tree has died, it’s been a big part of our world. My leaves won’t last forever. My body is only here for a blink of existence. Yet my soul can transcend forever if I believe so.

This autumn, be certain to grasp a few leaves. A red, yellow, orange, and pink one. Smell them, hold them, and tumble them in your hands. Press one to your cheek and close your eyes and take deep breaths and absorb their colors. It’s not the falling leaves of autumn that represent the transcending spirit of life. It is the color.  Each red and orange and yellow represents the spirit of change. Change that corresponds to color for a reason. Leaves could fall simply green otherwise. Listen to the color of your world and feel the spirit given to us in color.  That is all I have to whisper today. Thank you for sharing some autumn with me. I’ll see you in orange!