For example, G.W. Bush ludicrously named his oil war of aggression against Afghanistan “Operation Enduring Freedom” while simultaneously pushing a neo-nazi agenda of treasonous legislation named “The USA Patriot Act” which annuls most of our Bill of Rights. This law was deceitfully rammed through Congress with alarmist scaremongering without being read or intelligently discussed by a panicked cowardly majority.

Today this extreme Right Wing, in the name of defending American democracy and freedom, hides its imperialistic agenda of “blood for oil” behind American flags, theatrically waving Old Glory, performing sword rattling war dances, and spouting intimidating rhetoric that extolls blind patriotism and blind faith in an Americanized Biblical God. At the same time these “compassionate” conservative bastards stealthily eliminate our civil and human rights one by one as they discuss their version of future concentration camps and test the same on a few hundred allegedly illicit combatants who were moved outside the protection of international law with similar perfidy that placed us all outside the protection of our Constitution.

Anyone who claims to believe in democracy must clearly understand what he means by “democracy.” According to Sidney Hook: “There is such a thing as the ethics of words. And of all the words in our political vocabulary, none is in greater need of precise and scrupulous use than ‘democracy.'”

A democratic society is one in which the government draws its legitimate power from the freely given consent of the governed which is periodically renewed at constitutionally fixed times. Freely given consent precludes coercion, direct or indirect, brought to bear upon the governed to elicit their approval. A government that “rests upon” the freely given consent of the governed faithfully abides by this approval or disapproval under oath.

The philosopher notes that we do not have to argue about the nature of freedom to be able to see when the consent of the people is not free. An election which is held at gunpoint, or in which one can only vote “Yes,” or in which no opposition candidates are permitted, or one where the courts prevent the counting of votes, no matter what the excuse, obviously does not express a freely given consent. There is no perfect democracy, however, a truly democratic government legitimized by the freely given consent of the governed cannot obstruct the casting and counting of ballots that expresses the common consent of the people. Only the honest tallying of all votes transfers legitimate authority to elected representatives.

Giving a new meaning to a common word “without posting, so to speak, a clear public notice, is to be guilty of a verbal counterfeit.” Warnings must always be posted for new meanings. George W. Bush’s obscene distortion of the meaning of “democracy” imposes on all Americans a public duty to restore the true meaning of the word as it applies to the U.S. political structure.

Sadly, Congress has also committed ignoble and cowardly crimes against our democracy. On two infamous days to be recorded in shame for the 107th Congress — (1) October 10, 2002, 3:05 pm, when 215 House Republicans and 81 Democrats voted to transfer constitutionally mandated congressional war powers to the Executive Branch, and (2) on October 11, 2002, 12:50 am, when 77 Senators followed suit (including 33 shameless Democrats). Only 21 Democratic,1 Republican, and 1 Independent Senators and 126 Democratic, 2 Republican, and 1 Independent Representatives honored their oath of office to keep faith with the Constitution!

History will ask: How many of those who betrayed their oath of office were ignorant fools who should never have been elected? How many were so weak so as to let themselves be brainwashed by fear (polls have become the new political-oracles and are being exuberantly used by corporate tacticians to intimidate and disorient dimwitted Congressmen into falling in line like straying lambs being chased by sheep dogs back into the flock)? How many were real traitors supporting the ongoing attempt to take over our Government by the worst enemy of American freedom ever to inhabit the White House? Clearly the American people are in desperate need of replacing those who have betrayed our Republic with honorable representatives determined to protect Democracy.

Conspiracy Theories
We are openly claiming a vast Right Wing conspiracy. We can already hear the phony outcry from the puppet press, protesting, “Not another conspiracy theory!” having pre-established the falsity that the Right Wing has never so much as dreamed of conspiring against the American People. LOL.

Professor Butler Shaffer of Southwestern University School of Law wrote a remarkable paper on conspiracy theories titled: Will the Real Paranoids Please Raise Their Hands?, in which he refutes Right Wing “paranoia accusations.” He clearly shows that when free citizens, who have the duty to examine meritorious theories of wrongdoing, attempt to reveal undisclosed Right Wing political schemes they are usually met with charges of “paranoid conspiracy theories,” intentionally designed by the Right Wing to silence inquiry and prevent their own schemes from being revealed. It is interesting to note that those who condemn conspiracy investigations never seem interested in examining the evidence. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!,” intoned the Wizard of Oz. A long parade of intrigues, plots, assassinations, alliances, and other cabals are part of history — almost all of Shakespeare’s tragedies are grounded in conspiracies — however, the GOP cursorily dismisses the machinations of human behavior in its own ranks.

A Zionist who brushed off as a “conspiracy theory” a journalist’s observation that Israel intentionally thwarted the formation of a Palestinian State in order to force a total Palestinian exodus was quick to apply the “conspiracy” label to the Nazi holocaust, which in fact started with a conspiracy by the German government, very similar to the current (transparent) plans of Bush-Sharon.