It is ignorant, to say the least, to pretend conspiracies do not exist when much of antitrust law deals with “conspiracies” to restrain trade, or fix prices, or divide up markets, or monopolize an industry. In fact, conspiracy theories are widely accepted in government circles and academia, but only if they are “politically correct.” For example, World War II was allegedly fought because the Axis Powers were conspiring to take over the world. However, the moment evidence is offered that FDR secretly manipulated the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, the “anti-conspiracy league” quickly assaults the investigator’s state of mind rather than the facts.

After World War II, the “international communist conspiracy” was rushed on stage to justify the investment of trillions of tax dollars in the military industrial complex and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to fight a “Cold War.” When critics began to speak about how corporate media propaganda had been used by American corporate interests at the expense of the American people, the “anti-conspiracy league” was again called into driveling action.

This familiar tactic was employed with the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King when viewed as conspiracies of Right Wing hatred for liberty and justice for all, just as with the strange apparent suicide of former Enron Corp. executive J. Clifford Baxter who had told investigators about conflicts with the company’s then-president, Jeffrey K. Skilling. Baxter’s death was quickly swept under the carpet of silence just as was the sudden recent death of Senator Paul Wellstone, the White House’s political enemy No. 1.

Volumes could be written of the coincidences of death that surround Republican power. The Anthrax attempts against Democratic Senators carefully ignored by the Ashcroft Department of Just-Ice. Bush’s conspiracy to incite riots across state lines (all clearly set out in IRS records). Notice there is no investigation by the obedient Republican phalanx that controls the House because there was no blue dress involved here.
One can immediately spot these phonies when they intone the pseudo-patriotic BS that they are “conducting wars against evil doers and foreign conspiracies,” but God forbid anyone suggesting they are engaged in conspiracies of their own — they’re just paranoids. The Administration attacks critics of White House secrecy as “paranoids” while cultivating new crops of “enemies” against whom they promise to protect us. So who is paranoid anyway?

Like the Nazis in 1933, the Bush Administration thrives on fomenting fear. Bush’s unilateral declaration of endless war against the rest of the world reveals a lunatic paranoid assumption that everyone else in the world is involved in conspiracies against American interests while his own conspiracy mongering is an obvious political gambit directed by Karl Rove, a student and secret admirer of Adolf Hitler.

This dangerous infantile mentality has produced the sinister Bush Doctrine. When America bombs other countries –- killing innocent men, women, and children in the process –- it is a force for “good” defending “freedom.” But when oppressed people retaliate –- killing innocent men, women, and children in the process – they are forces of “evil” engaged in “terrorism.” That our government can ballyhoo this kind of playground logic when the consequences are so deadly is indeed frightening.

This “endless” war has gone far beyond the failed retaliation for September 11th which failed to catch the leaders of the foreign conspiracy, including Bin Laden and Omar. The evil ones who conspired and attacked America are irrelevant now because the war against “all evil in the world” has become a self-righteous “holy crusade” against all nations that do not kneel before Emperor Busholini and accept America as Ruler of the World.

The Republican Extreme Right has exploited September 11th to pursue an agenda of American hegemony so that the “war” is expanding to nations whose identities were taken from Karl Rove’s Rolodex file of place-names: “Who shall we attack next?”

It is time for sane men and women to see that the chickenhawk war-mania is a psychopathic disorder. When those in power tell us that they are engaged in an endless war against endless enemies, it is time to consider impeachment for mental disability. We have a responsibility to protect the environment and all life on this planet.

Americans must not follow a clinically insane junta of maniacs who have no greater vision than to commit all of mankind to a state of universal and eternal warfare in pursuit of their delusions. It is time for intelligence and decency to transcend the frenzied lunacy now festering upon the land of the free. It is time for intellectual honesty to uncompromisingly expose the schemes of those who conspire against life itself.

The final battle is upon us. Let all sane human beings who chose life over death and who oppose Bush’s thermonuclear conflict have their voices loudly heard from sea to shining sea. Let them defeat Mordred’s evil forces with an overwhelming majority and restore reason and righteousness to our land.