America is the “land of the free and the home of the brave” and so is the primordial human spirit evoked in the well-known song. But let it be said: there is no freedom without bravery and there is no true bravery without freedom. The men who first defined the vector of the American spirit knew well that the cost of freedom is bravery and nothing less and that freedom has no flame and no opportunity in the hearts of the weak and the fearful, that the coward is the betrayer of man and of all men. Freedom requires a humanizing process otherwise it lacks foundation and endurance. A people who live in fear and dependency are not free and do not wish to be free; they seek to be protected and to be provided for and they demand this of governments and politicians. The humanizing process is necessary because man is always born a potential and not an actualized given. It implies that man must develop in himself independence of mind and this is the indispensable basis of his freedom. He must achieve the mastery of mind that allows it to function rationally and effectively; that is, he must be capable of identifying reality directly with his own consciousness, independent of all external authority and he must be free to act upon this knowledge and achieve his goals [1].

The education process ought to be precisely the humanizing process, the process by which a sovereign consciousness is unleashed and the warrior spirit that is its necessary complement forged. It is all too clear that it has progressively degenerated into a pernicious government sponsored system of mindless indoctrination and conformity. The warrior spirit is that which forcefully resists untruth, falsehood, deception, injustice, all that is tired, parasitic, sick and deformed. The warrior spirit therefore has eyes and like the cat it sees even in the dark. The “soldier,” which is an absolutely distinct function from a law enforcer, is merely an unconscious, programmed killing machine. The etymological root of the word education means “to lead out from,” in other words to actualize an inherent potential; it is not the external imposition of a program or a conditioning. It is precisely the opposite process, freedom from all conditioning. Conditioning destroys intelligence, creates unconsciousness and forms the mass mind.

The free and the brave in a constitutional society are always suspicious of their government because they know only too well that the weak and the dependent always give pretext for the government to arrogate power over the lives of all men without exception. They know that it is from the weak and dependent that all the abuses of governments and all betrayals flow. We live in a time in which in the name of protecting freedom, freedom itself is mocked; in the name of protecting democracy the great constitution itself is trampled under foot. Something foul and asphyxiating permeates our air. Let us therefore return to first principles.