When the body-mind is indivisibly unified in consciousness man is continuous with the universe of life forces. The threads of unity, the lines of force that connect the body-mind to the cosmos and to the universal are in that case open and full. Their sundering coincides with the collapse and inversion of the body upon itself in self-protection. These lines of force are precisely the nadis of the yogic tradition, the hitas of the Upanishads, the jing luo (meridians) of the Chinese tradition and the varmas of the Siddhanta tradition of South India. They are the threads of force by which the universe is integrated; they constitute the web of life, the circuits of the life-force or of the current of manifestation. These threads are integrated and synthesized in the body-mind by means of its psycho-cosmic axis which we have termed the sushumna. The sushumna is the living prolongation of the axis mundi in function of which the body-mind inheres in the universal matrix, in the web of universal force (shakti) on which the world lives.

Severed from the cosmos and from consciousness itself – for it is by consciousness alone that man realizes direct, unmediated participation in reality – man perforce falls out of the universal and out of reality and into the folds of the collective mind where it finds security, meaning, direction and the means of its survival as a separated organism. The mass mind is unconscious, for the forces which govern and condition it rule it through the subconscious. On the basis of the prior detachment of the individual from the universe he or she becomes entirely susceptible to authoritarian repression and control. This detachment from reality or the loss of the sovereign consciousness of universal man marks precisely the passage from consciousness to unconsciousness, from the individual to the herd and the creation of a subconscious psychic domain which henceforth becomes the de facto controller of the now superficial conscious mind of the waking state. The mass mind operates precisely in virtue of the ascendancy of the subconscious as the new seat of psychic functioning.

The term reality is synonymous with the term being or existence.Metaphysically, we could say that only existence exists and there is no alternative to it, regardless of whether someone perceives it or not. This also means that existence is both undifferentiated (yet paradoxically comprised of distinction) and unlimited (yet paradoxically comprised of limits) since it must exist in every point of space-time and there could be no gaps, no emptinesses and no nothings where it is not. Therefore existence is not in space-time, rather space-time is in existence [1].

From a different point of view we could say that reality is life itself, and by this we mean the life-force (shakti) of existence manifesting as all forms and beings. The uncaused, self-originated life-force is undifferentiated (although, paradoxically, it is all-possibility) since its transmission requires a universal connective medium. Just as electrical conduction requires both a conductive medium (such as copper) as well as a continuous closed circuit, similarly participation in real life means that the individual being must break out of its defended self-bubble and enter the universal circuits of the life-force, that is, the being must become unobstructed and conductive.

The separation of the body-mind from the universe and from consciousness and its retreat into narcissistic self-enclosure has given rise to the corruption of the cognitive process and of the capacity to existentially participate in real life. Man projects his separated condition onto the universe on which, therefore, he projects an external causality, namely, a separated or external Creator God or some other cosmological singularity such as a “Big Bang” prior to and independent of space-time. Because he finds himself psychologically outside the universe and separated from life in function of the sundering of the lines of universal integration – the nadis, hitas, and so forth – this permits him the illusion that he can locate his awareness outside the universe or that there is, or can be, such a point of view. In reality there is no outside the universe, there is no outside of existence except nonexistence which precisely is nothing. Any point “outside” the total universe would either be nowhere and nothing or else it must be part of existence. Hence there is no universal causality; there is no agency external to existence which causes it. Existence always exists.

This is precisely why such questions as “is the universe finite or infinite” or “what caused the universe” are false and cannot be answered because the point of view from which such questions arise does not really exist and is unattainable. It presumes that consciousness can take up a position outside existence as such in order to observe it – and that the totality of existence can be an object to it – which is impossible on pain of immediate self-negation. Therefore the universe perceived by this separate mode of awareness in a certain sense does not exist in the form in which it is perceived and therefore a science or a theology which attempts to do so starts from a cognitive position that is already false.

From the standpoint of consciousness itself, truly realized, the universe appears altogether differently from that projected by the religions or even by modern astrophysics. Existence is an infinite potentiality or a potential infinity which has no opposite, no contrast, no outside and no inside [2]. In that case reality is recognized as nondependent and unoriginated; it has no external cause; it simply exists in uncaused ecstasy. Once the separated body-mind coalesces or merges into the aggregate of the collective psyche it projects a causality external to itself and thereby lays down the conditions for control by external authoritarian agencies.

Although a full treatment of the subject is outside the scope of this essay, we should note in passing the significant fact that both modern science and the religions adopt an authoritarian point of view when they speak of Nature obeying immutable laws, or laws laid down by a Creator God. In reality the universe is not functioning in passive abeyance to any laws; all existents are functioning according to their specific nature and are not simply submitted to an external determination. To deny this is to admit that reality is a nothing and has no inherent identity and that the qualities and behavior exhibited by phenomena are the result of the imposition of an exogenous force or will which, in either case, amounts to reduction to the arbitrary. A true understanding of the universe cannot with impunity bypass the process of realizing the central position of consciousness itself in which cognitive distortions resulting from the superimposition of the separative point of view on reality are resolve [ 3].

The formation of the mass mind is governed by three fundamental determinations which – through complex subconscious mechanisms – control all the individual beings that compose it. In a descending order of importance, the first and the most important is the influence of the ancestral reservoir from which all genetic heredity flows; the second is the immediate parental generation that has given birth to any generation currently alive, and the third, commonly considered to be the most powerful but in reality the least, is the environment. An environment is in reality the product of the accumulated achievement of the whole historical line of a given sector of humanity – and in particular its representatives closest to the present – and this is why its effective influence is derivative and not primary. The environment is precisely the exteriorization of the contents of the collective psyche and not its cause. It serves both to fix and stabilize it as well as provide the field for its activity and its external identity.

The ancestral pool or the hereditary deposits of all antecedent generations, in other words the dead, being infinitely greater in number than those physically alive are to the same degree immensely more powerful than the total quantum of force represented by the living. The cumulative mass of hereditary force represented by the ancestral ascendants therefore, and in particular those proportionately more proximate to the generations physically alive, exercise by far the greatest influence over the collective subconscious of the mass mind and determine both its qualitative characteristics and the directional tendencies of its historical development.

Current generations continually contribute to this pool and the course of its development as they pass from physical existence but the strength of their influence is significantly weaker than the momentum communicated by the past. However, while not ignoring the great achievements that the great historical individuals have contributed to this mass, the true individual attains real consciousness only by emerging from and therefore radically transcending the immense force of gravity of the lunar pool of the mass mind [4].

Because the mass mind is unconscious, it is passive and therefore tends to coagulate in fixed patterns of behavior and thought which persist indefinitely unless modified by an external force. These patterns are the traditions which define it and give it significance. Therefore, all the achievements of civilization, to the extent that it exists, have been the achievements of individuals and not of collectivities. All positive evolutionary changes in collectivities have come from individual men and women who precisely have to some degree or another emerged out of the general conditioning. Even in the case of inventions, their creation was made possible by men and women who asked why not. However, because collectivities are passive and have been formed largely from the legacy of its past ancestral heredity all changes are slow and only take effect after continuous repetition, that is, until they are integrated into the subconscious and become part of the collective conditioning.

The conscious individual is, in integral terms, one who has engaged in a yogic process of association with the very force of Existence itself by virtue of which he or she acquires the capacity to emerge from and overcome the gravity field of the mass. In that event the conscious individual steps out of the stream of horizontally determined time and realizes a complete vertical discontinuity with respect to the past. The immensity of the task of conscious individuation lies precisely in the fact that the collective mind, as I have said, is constituted not only of the existing generations but also by the whole cumulative influence of its hereditary antecedents which are continually active at the level of the subconscious mind. Consciousness may become conditioned by such hereditary elements but it is neither caused by them nor is it inherently bound by them.

One of the most important conclusions that can be drawn from these considerations is that a true civilization, what I have called a civilization of the universe, one that is really in harmony with the universe, is the achievement of an organic integration of conscious individuals, not the exteriorization of the mass psyche, or the collective mind. Only the conscious individual is connected to reality. For the collective man, reality is mediated through the unconscious mass mind and therefore he is fundamentally delusional. Even in the modern case where a succession of unique individuals have contributed to the economic and technological improvement of the man of the mass, the result is not an advancement of civilization because it does not result in the emergence of the conscious individual.

The contributions of the great individual have historically been put at the service of the usual narcissism of the mass mind once they have become part of it. Hence mankind remains completely tribalist and fundamentally primitive in its disposition for which patriotism and nationalism are but thin disguises. Civilization is a not a possibility of the mass mind. Reality is relational and real knowledge therefore means total integration with reality, not distance, not separation, not provincialism, not isolation, not prejudice. The conscious self-responsible, self-originated and self-realized individual – one who has directly realized reality – is the only true man or woman, the only source of truth and sanity, the only foundation of a civilization worthy of the name and the only hope for the future [5].

Since the mass mind of terrestrial humanity is passive – the direct realization and identification with reality having being broken or rendered ineffective – it is necessarily controlled by that which lies outside it, and given the overwhelming obstructions in its historical development, it follows that the ultimate controllers of the current humanity are not beings who have transcended the psychic domain by virtue of a unique realization. They are not individuals or truly individuated beings who have conquered the collective unconsciousness of the mass psyche on the basis of a sublime realization of the spirit or consciousness itself. The controllers of the present humanity pertain to yet another mass mind that lies outside the vectors and coordinates of the terrestrial plane and properly pertain to an extra-human species. This species clearly demonstrates a vaster psychic amplitude and mechanical cunning than does the present humanity in virtue of which this species is able to dominate it. Even the Gods of the religions have been exceptionally useful tools for its purposes. There is a faction on earth that sees the human species as another animal to be husbanded.

It should be noted at once that the Gods of the religions – including the ancestral and tribal Gods – represent or demonstrate in general, not omniscience as they typically claim for themselves – but the average of the humanity that they control, both in terms of intelligence and character. This observation holds the key to uncovering their real identity. Their existence arises out of a collective psychological condition of dependency and fear which presupposes the mind-body split – and their characteristics are precisely limited by the qualities inherent in this milieu.

The causal mechanism by which such quasi-entities arise will be examined in detail below, but to properly understand the phenomenology of this process the following key principle must always be borne in mind. At the very moment that man’s primordial link to consciousness itself and to the life-current of the universe becomes severed, the mass mind is formed and arises. This causal relationship is direct. The Gods of the religions are a special class of psychic entity that arise solely in relation to and in the context of the mass mind; they never arise to an individual that has realized its immediate link to reality. Such entities are a unique and invariable characteristic that is inseparable from the conditions associated with the specific structure of mass psychology. These two forms of consciousness, the collectivist and that of the realized, self-originated individual, are precisely the basis for the distinction between the solar and lunar religions that has been developed elsewhere [6].

According to the theories of modern western psychology the mind is merely an effect or an epiphenomenon of biology or of matter; it does not arise in the context of an environment that is continuous with its own order of reality, that is to say, a cosmic meta-domain of mind exactly as the body arises in the contextual domain of the physical world. Consequently the traditional conception of God is regarded by this psychology as merely a projection of man’s fear’s and hopes and is reducible to them.

However, from the standpoint of a non-reductionist perspective in which the physical world is a dimension within the cosmic meta-domain of the psyche things appear otherwise. While the genesis of the religious Gods does require a mass psychology of dependency they are not merely subjective hallucinations. They arise as symbiotic dimensional entities that have no independent existence from the psychic energy of the collectivity from which they draw their power. The relationship between such Gods and the groups in which and on which they live is not merely parasitic, it is reciprocal and hence symbiotic. Because such Gods are inserted in a subtle dimension of the world-process that is in reality psychophysical in nature they are associated with or can acquire influence over certain of the elemental forces of the natural world and bring about real effects of a purely external order on behalf of their votaries.

Having defined the class of entities to which the religious Gods belong we can now examine their genesis and the functional mechanisms by which they operate which we will illustrate with examples drawn from the so-called Semitic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In the Cosmic Origins of Species it was shown that existence has no contrary and therefore no cause: nonexistence does not exist otherwise it would be something and therefore cannot antecede or have caused existence. Likewise consciousness is always the case, it cannot be derived from what is not conscious; therefore it is uncaused and unoriginated. Finally Life is energy, therefore radiation. It follows that manifest Life must always be the case since non-manifestation is not a possibility of what is by its very nature radiant. Therefore, existence as such always and everywhere exists in eternal duration, it has no beginning and no end and in this respect we agree with Aristotle. There is no Creator of the universe or of any universe. All universes are macrobeings that reproduce themselves in generations exactly as all living being reproduce themselves in generations. Every universe contains the seeds of succeeding universes and reproduce themselves in endless beginningless duration.

In the face of this evidence the Gods of the religions invariably claim to be the omnipotent creators, maintainers and destroyers of the universe and of man. This claim is false: no God created the universe and claims of omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence and the like by religious Gods can be rigorously shown to be superstitious nonsense on the basis of both logical and empirical evidence. Throughout the course of human history thousands of Gods have claimed to be the creator of the universe by means of an enormous variety of mechanisms; all of these divergent claims cannot be true because none of them is true.

In order to project its absoluteness and omnipotence and thereby gain the total allegiance and unconditional subservience of its devotees, every God must make time and space begin with itself and claim to be in control of every force and particle in the universe. A mere glance at the history of the world in general and of the religions in particular- given their reciprocal ostracisms, their internal contradictions and the strictly limited scope of their influence and expansion – renders such claims obvious nonsense. The proposition of a transcendent unity of religions – of a single source of their emanation – entertained by certain metaphysical systems is not supported by any facts. Religious sectarianism has directly or indirectly been the single greatest cause of bigotry, murder, treachery, narrowness, stupidity and deception far exceeding every other cause in the history of man.

On the contrary what is clear is that the Gods exhibit both the best and the worst characteristics of every human collectivity attached to them. This is necessarily the case since they are symbiotic entities which, through the worship and ritual acts of its votaries, progressively accumulate power by absorbing the psychic constituents of its worshipers both while alive and after death. Therefore the demonstrated qualities of the Gods of the religions are entirely human, both in their weaknesses and in their strengths and give evidence of a level of intelligence that hardly ever surpasses the average of the collectivity in question.

In modern times this racial or nationalist narcissism and the imperialist mythology to which it gives rise exists to one degree or another among the Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Germans, Americans and others and it is by no means the prerogative of the Jews. Wherever it appears, its effects have been without exception disastrous, and the millennial Jewish version of it is qualitatively no different from those of other peoples merely because it has been dressed up in the garments of religion [8].

Judaism would have remained an insignificant tribal cult had it not been annexed by Christianity and thus by Europe and it was in this manner that it entered onto the world stage and achieved the status of a “great” or “world” religion. The historical vehicle for this development was the Roman Empire which had already realized the unification of the European tribal states under a single form of government centered in Rome.

Once Christianity had been adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century C.E. under the emperor Constantine the conditions for the Judaization of Europe had been established, a process that reached its ultimate term of completion with the Protestant Reformation when the Bible for the first time became directly accessible to the masses and no longer mediated through the Latin church.

Now it was Jesus the Nazarene who created the breach in the hermetically closed tribal religion of the Jews and taught a message about a universal, non-authoritarian God of love. Rabbinical Judaism declares that their religion was the first to universalize the one God. This is false. The Jewish God was and still is the one God of the “chosen people” who was “jealous” of every other God and despised other peoples whom he always sought to undermine and destroy unless they willingly submitted themselves in tribute to his favored tribe [9]. It was Jesus who attempted to universalize God beyond “the chosen people” and for this he was apparently killed by the Jews because to do this he had to claim a universal authority they refused to recognize.

A careful examination of the gospel texts suggests that the God of the Nazarene is a distinct condition of reality from the God of the Jews, which belongs to a class of entities we have identified in the foregoing. But the identification of the two resulted in the immediate destruction of the revolutionary teachings of the Nazarene and thereafter European humanity fell under the influence of yet another symbiotic authoritarian force from which came the profound retardation of the European peoples and the disaster of the so-called Middle Ages. The author of this crime was Paul of Tarsus and the ultimate consequences of his teachings were enacted into canon law by the early Councils of the Church starting with that of Ephesus in 326 CE.

For the Nazarene, the Way was to love God by the total release of the body, mind and heart into the condition of God, then to see, feel and release all beings (not merely those in one’s tribe) into that very condition through love. While this writer does not by any means endorse the teaching of the Nazarene in its totality, the foregoing could be said to be an adequate summary of its most important elements free of all dogmatic and cultic superimpositions. Moreover, he explicitly taught that the realization that was true in his own case was duplicable in its entirety by all who engaged it sincerely. Not so, according to Paul.

The new Pauline Way is principally a matter of the saving power of belief in a unique, unrepeatable event, the death and resurrection of Jesus who Paul eventually coverts into a hypostatic aspect of the one and only God of the Jews. The sole efficacy of the Way taught by Jesus was not his teaching-message nor the demonstration of his life, but his death and resurrection. The Way is not transformation of the body-mind and the world by the force of love but belief in the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of the world. No human is qualified to practice the Way because man’s inherent and inescapable corruption requires that the only possibility open to so wretched a condition is the ransom or the substitution of the death of Jesus for everyone before “the Father”. And therefore the only guarantee left for man was the guidance of the Church and of the Bible to the alleged evidence of this one and only saving event [10]

Paul’s assault on man and on the universe was the tool with which he utterly devalues and nullifies all human achievements as products of the “flesh” and the “wisdom of the world.. Then comes the ultimate inversion borne of a psychology poisoned with resentment and revenge, it is the foolish and the weak who are truly great in the eyes of his authoritarian God and who will finally judge the world. In I Corinthians 1:20-28, he writes:

“Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? … But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. And the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things which are. That no flesh should glory in his presence.”

This Christianity thus requires the complete debasement of the world before the God of Paul and his band of “believers”, a God who is at war with all that is great and natural, who is afraid of both human intelligence and the body. Moreover, in order for this new Pauline Christianity to equip itself with the right to imperialist or worldwide domination, it had to present itself as an extension of Judaism notwithstanding the fact that the Nazarene had abrogated and rescinded the Mosaic law for his disciples on the premise of the all-sufficiency of the liberating force of love and the universality of the divine reality.

Therefore to the deviation of Paul was added yet another, the adoption and annexation by Christianity of the Torah, the Histories of the Kings of Israel and the Prophetic Books – all of which make up the Old Testament – with a view to establishing the belief that the God of Jesus was identical to the one and only God of the Jews and that he was their promised Messiah who would deliver the world from evil and place it under the subjugation of the “chosen people,” which of course was now to be the Christians with the Messiah at their head.

The monotheistic religions, ruled by jealous Gods who have declared the nonexistence of all other Gods, have cut man off from the universe which they demonize and calumniate. By such cunning man in his natural state has been made something deformed and loathsome; he has been made sick and despicable to himself. Obedience and belief are his only redemption from guilt for all clever parasites and impotent usurpers know that the reign of God requires that man must first be broken, filled with self-hatred and put in chains. All Semitic religions live under the curse of Adam; from his very birth man feels himself guilty and cursed for a crime by an alleged ancestor against God whose prophets, priests and “holy books” have imputed to all his descendants. Even modern courts are more sane: no one throws an entire family and that family’s family ad infinitum into jail because the father allegedly committed a crime [11].

The emergence in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of technocratic civilization hostile to nature and to life was possible thanks to a single event which was its necessary precursor: the desacralization of the universe and the deprecation and depopulation of the Gods of nature by the monotheisms. For since the Gods of nature posed unseemly competition to the fatuous Semitic Gods drunk with unlimited vanity, nature and all that is natural must be slandered, held up with suspicion and dominated. Hence the screaming hysteria and manic paranoia of the Semitic traditions in the face of all the paganisms, the “heathens” and the “idolaters” of antiquity. Hence the opposition of the natural and the supernatural, the vilification of the first and the exaltation of the second.

In the war against the universe God becomes the enemy of all that is natural, of the inherent joy of existence. The consequence of this was twofold: on the one hand it allowed for unlimited blind intervention in the natural order and on the other hand it cut man off from the universal powers and hence his enfeeblement, his enslavement and progressive psychological deterioration.

Technocratic civilization dispenses with the religious Gods even while benefiting from the legacy of their hostility to nature and their assault on the natural. It takes up and carries forward to its final conclusion the priest’s method of degenerating and taming man: completely destroy man’s link to nature – which always remains the only hope for his freedom and independence from the collectivist man-made world – and destroy nature itself in the name of his economic improvement.

It must be asked: how could the industrialist purveyors of our modern environmental crisis not really understand the suicidal nature of the path they have chosen? How could they flout the biological fact that every organism survives only because it has achieved an equilibrium with its environment and no organism survives by progressively degrading its environment? Why are they apparently not concerned with providing a world that their children and grand children can live in?

The priests of modern science propound the dogma of the chemical nature of all life. Armed with this article of faith, our industrialist parasites see no end to economic power. Profit by destroying nature and then profit again by giving nature back to man in the form of a chemically synthesized world. In such a world man is wholly controllable and manipulable with no possibility of escape. In the moribund world of the machine as projected in modern science-fiction where computers, metal and plastics constitute man’s sole environment and in which laboratory structured chemicals have become man’s food, he is a husbanded animal to be identified by a control number and whose every brain modulation is the provenance of the priests of chemistry. 

The ideology of messianic consumerism advocated by our political lackeys as the redemption for the world is the motive force for this final globalist conversion of man into a pack animal which by its compulsive interminable consumption of goods and services will make its masters all-powerful. Hence the insidiousness of the ruling dogma of narcissism or “personal success” elevated to a supreme value whose expense account is life cannibalized and a universe plundered but never revivified.

God is not one in the quantitative sense, the one and only all-controlling entity of the universe. God is Existence itself which is not separate from anyone or anything. It is Existence in the form of all existents and Life in the form of all living beings and just as enlightenment has no significance whatever for the universe unless it integrates the body directly by means of the sensual principle, so too the divine condition does not exist in the world unless and until it has been bodily realized. This is the sole condition for the transfiguration of the world.

There is no entity in charge of the world like a great bureaucrat or administrator controlling world events such as political elections, sports competitions, the outcomes of corporate and governmental board room meetings and the like according to “a Plan” no matter what anyone believes. The religious mentality has not emerged from the fearful child psychology of external, authoritarian dependency, and on the basis of this mass psychology of fear and dependency it has projected an illusory world of “God,” supernatural “causes,” “higher worlds” and consolations for the “weakness of the flesh.”

For this mentality, truth and the process by which consciousness identifies that which is – or real being – has no value; what matters for it is belief and what is believed, whether the object of belief actually exists or not. That something should be believed becomes more important than that it exists. In this case the fearful, separative consciousness of the egoic state is made superior to reality and the creator of it, a reality born of a compensatory psychological mechanism, a reality that it must compulsively believe will save and preserve it. This is the triumph of the negation of mind, of anti-cognitive belief cosmeticized as “faith,” over the real process of knowledge. This is the ultimate epistemological inversion: the triumph of the make-believe over truth; it is the institutional abolition of truth and the knowability of truth. In our time “you create your own reality” is the New Age slogan for enlightenment as if that were not the very definition of insanity.
Religion degenerates human consciousness and the sublimity of the senses; it undermines the cognitive process just as it destroys man’s body as an “inferior” shell; its deprecation of the body is an attack on the organic seats of consciousness by virtue of which consciousness is embodied in the world. It is the enslaver of all that is great in man whom it must humble for the sake of his ultimate good. It exalts what is weak, dependent and sickly for “the meek shall inherit the earth.” It advocates that which does not exist, a supreme all-powerful God – what it worships is the symbiotic psychic sublimation of the mass mind – and it negates what does exist, namely Life – which it identifies with sin or karma and throttles with “morality”. This is the triumph of unreality over reality, the ultimate ontological inversion.

Real divinity as the unconditional affirmation of life, as the apotheosis of life, as life in the condition of absolute intensity, enters the world-process through a free will being, through the conscious individual, through the principle of radical consciousness and the free alignment of the body-mind to the universal life-current of radiant energy. Apart from this process there is no God and there is no divine in the world for there is no process by which the divine can enter the world.

This process is objective; it is not a matter of “faith.” Unless the radical process of consciousness is exercised in which it participates directly in reality, the divine is absent – it has no opening – no matter what is believed to be the case. Therefore if the divine is not incarnated here in direct bodily terms, the world is mechanically and unconsciously governed by a vast vortex of intersecting and opposing secondary powers, agencies and causes, both human and non-human. The solar hero and heroine enter into this labyrinth and align it; man in the condition of radical bodily inherence in the divine is the emerging divinity in the world; there is no other God that is “outside” of it and manipulating it.
The Gods of the religions arise as a consequence of the collectivization of man, his conversion into a deformity, a husbanded pseudo-animal, into a herd – which necessarily means disaster and deviation since man has no instincts which allow him to automatically conform to and thereby preserve and enhance nature and the universe. Only the realization of consciousness by the free individual permits an alignment with the universe that prevents the collective social and environmental deviation that the dissociated man of the mass cannot avoid or escape. Therefore only the arising of the man and woman of consciousness, only the arising of the self-originated and self-responsible individual spells the end of the hoax of religion, the hoax of one and only supreme Gods and the hoax of all parasite “controllers,” “rulers” and “governments.”
Against and in opposition to the lunar religions of the collective psyche which project and require external interventions, revelations, lawgivers, saviors, prophets and extra-cosmic causes and deities stands the solar religion of universal man. It’s sole manifesto is consciousness itself. Its sole practice is the full integration of consciousness and the body. It looks to no external power or agency in dependency. Like the sun itself it is self-luminous, self-radiant and self-originated being. The great means for its realization is contained in the body if man itself.

The human body-mind itself is built on the same structure as the worlds of experience. The divine axis of the world as represented in ancient symbolisms as a Tree, Column or Pole is precisely the Path, Way or Circuit of the life-current through which it descends and ascends, enlivening and existentiating the worlds in the unbounded sphere of existence. It appears in the body-mind as its fundamental axial structure or “vertical” circuit through which the life-current is conducted. This axis is the spiritual Path or Way of the adepts. The Path is not the search or the progressive quest for some goal which can be identified as “spiritual” or “divine.” The sushumna itself is already the great Way, the Path up and down, in and out of the worlds, the Channel in which the worlds themselves ascend and descend, in which they are born and are transformed. It is the great synthesis by means of which the threads of living force (nadis) of which the body-mind is woven are reintegrated into the web-matrix of life which is love-bliss. It need only be regenerated. This is the birth of the free man.