Therefore the integral realization of consciousness itself is not possible without the de-repression and intensification of the psychic dimension by virtue of which our reintegration to the cosmic continuum is achieved. This is why I have said elsewhere that the realization with which I am concerned occurs in the context of the total cosmos from the very beginning, not at the end. This context is realizable through the activation of the sutratma, the line of continuity that passes through the axis of the being.

The total universe or the boundless universal field is always, and from the very beginning, the context of spiritual practice, not concentration on any point that can be located within the body-mind, not any form of mystical interiorization. This is the real significance of the idea in Sufism that in order to realize the unity of existence (wahdat al-wuj_d), the being must first attain the station of universal man (al ins_nu l-k_mil). If consciousness or the psyche is merely an epiphenomenon of matter, that is, a merely electronic byproduct of chemical matter and hence of the body to which it is strictly confined, the very premise of a universal participation in existence by means of the devotional extension of the psychic being becomes impossible.

If mind, and ultimately consciousness, is the principle of the organization of life, then a reductionist theory that denies the seniority of the consciousness principle and irrationally derives intelligence and cognition from what is inherently non-intelligent–namely indeterminate and inanimate matter–must perforce be false at its very base. The premises of such a theory and all the subtle restructuring of the human mind that it causes are directly opposed to the process in which the senior position of consciousness and its unifying energy or shakti is realized.

Despite the successes of scientistic propaganda that the Neo-Darwininan theory of evolution has been established beyond all reasonable doubt, an objective review of the theory demonstrates otherwise. On its own grounds the theory is contradicted by paleontology. Not only has a “missing link” never been found, the number of transitional forms required between species ought to be statistically far greater than the defined forms, most of which should already have died out. In fact no transitional gradualism exists in the fossil record, all species suddenly appear with no antecedents.

A theory as full of holes and contradictions as the modern theory of evolution cannot, as a matter of simple logic, be upheld as established or proven. To claim otherwise is scientific fraud. In 1993 Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson published a monumental work entitled Forbidden Archeology which presents a vast array of anomalous evidence from major archeological collections around the world indicating the existence of man of the modern type over a million years ago. This work provoked a massive hostile reaction from the establishment scientists which included threats of lawsuits against the U.S. media company CBS for presenting a summary of these findings in a documentary account. The “orthodox” view is that modern man has only existed for 100,000 years. Now in good logic a theory may be regarded as “probable” when none of the evidence, though insufficient, contradicts it, and “certain” when all of the evidence excluding none is consistent with it. Neo-Darwinism does not even satisfy the logical criteria for a theory that is probable, let alone certain.

Knowledge of man’s divine genetic descent has been destroyed by the self-proclaimed Creator Gods of the religions that emerged as part of the collectivization of human consciousness, a process which, in light of certain data preserved in the Vedic tradition and elsewhere, began at the end of the golden age (satya yuga) and reached its culmination at the beginning of the present age (kali yuga). According to Hindu astronomical computations, the commencement of the kali yuga was 3102 B.C.E. This date has a purely relative and provisional significance since what is really in question is the final transition to the collectivization of the sphere of mind on the earth and the definitive emergence of mass humanity as a defining characteristic of human consciousness.

Since the human species is a freewill species capable of volitionally realizing consciousness itself as the integrator of existence, the notion of “prophecy” as a possibility of human cognition and of history as following a purely mechanical determinism is nonsense. The universe cannot be mathematically defined by an equation or any number of equations as the proponents of a mathematical reductionism in vain attempt to do, the most celebrated of which has been Albert Einstein. The element of consciousness, which is self-originated and self-determined makes the universe an open system subject to an inherent unpredictability. However this is only true in the case of the actual realization of consciousness since a freewill species must volitionally realize consciousness in order to be free. From the moment that human beings lose the knowledge of this truly humanizing process and fall into the relative unconsciousness of the mechanical collective mind, human history becomes increasingly predictable.