The careful research our enemies did revealed to them and now to us that those who manned high-tech detectors in all airports were underpaid, poorly trained incompetents. It revealed that the FBI with its famous “carnivore” software could not detect the difference between a billion “I love you” e-mails and the one Dear John “signal” message that might have given the time and place of the attack in words like: “Don’t forget to buy four cans of Alpo for our pet at the supermarket at 9 am before we meet as agreed.” That kind of innocent message with images and an exchange of time and place is the kind of impregnable message that all the high technology in the world will never decode. It takes a James Bond to penetrate the network and find out what the symbols mean and how information is transmitted daily without the need of sophisticated software.

George Bush knows that and his corporate supporters are still getting what they want. 15 billion to the poor airlines for losing a week of business, but not a word about Al Gore’s aviation security study. Not a word about making airplanes impregnable to hijackers. Bush has a problem with a number of extremely simple and logical solutions.

Unfortunately, Al Gore was too intelligent a president for the Christianoid right that is now telling us that God punished America because we give gays their civil rights and women the right to choose. He was too sophisticated for the Greens who think that politics in this country will yield to consumer protection activism Nader style. Al Gore, like Gorbachev, knows he must bide his time, that superior men must remain near invisible while inferior men rule. Al Gore cares about the American people and the global environment. He knows that corporations care only about plundering the public and that as long as we allow campaign financing by business, no one can ascend to the Presidency without compromising enough to get the financing needed to run.

George Bush lied and lied to get votes. He sold himself and the country to Big Money like the lowest class whore that he is and all his acts since he has been in office are a quid pro quo travesty of bribery and deceit. He started his rape of America by letting people drink arsenic to protect the profits of his sponsors and the sins of his first year in the White House would fill a thousand pages.

Those desperate madmen who attacked the financial and military heart of America for revenge could easily deduct from the arrogance of the Bush Administration that dishonors international treaties, as past presidents dishonored treaties with Indian tribes, that our national defense and security must be run by feebleminded morons devoid of imagination and a sense of contemporary reality, and without respect for the American people, let alone for other countries.

Further, the enemy knew that our gargantuan economy is propped by a ridiculously unstable debt structure ready to fold like a castle of cards and that a global securities market based on hysterical greed can be spooked into a stampede at the drop of a hat, let alone at the fall of a 110 story skyscraper less than one mile from Wall Street. So the target was as easy to choose as it was easy to spot visually on a sunny September morning.

Seventy years ago, after the Reichstag burned, the new Nazi police was ordered to show no mercy to those suspected of independent thinking, i.e., those hostile to Hitler – especially alleged “Communist terrorists” – who were suddenly believed to be hiding under the beds of all Jewish German homes or wherever mixed blood might be found. The pure Arian race alone was German and trustworthy enough to goose step for the Führer.

Immediately after the fire, Hitler rushed from the scene to his newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, to oversee coverage of the story. He worked all night with Goebbels putting together tales of Communist plots to seize power violently. The same security apparatus allegedly caught with its pants down was suddenly so clever and efficient that it instantly spotted culprits and terrorists everywhere and was able to harangue Germany into a frenzy of violent revenge against Communists, Jews, gypsies, and all non Arian races.

This happened in 1933. There was no independent investigation nor a shred of evidence brought forward about who really had plotted the fire.

Thereafter the Nazis were trumpeted by the press and radio – which the state and their sponsors owned – as the only force qualified to protect Germany from evil. Germany’s citizens were called upon to unite behind the Führer, to be seen as patriots or else. “You are with us or you are a Communist terrorist against us!” This climate of hysteria foreshowed the ultimate destruction of Germany and millions of dead in Europe and across the globe.

The insane killers who attacked the World Trade Center are all dead, so why is the Government silencing their last sounds which might reveal the alleged struggle for the control of the last plane or give some clue about their organization? Why is the Government refusing to release the cockpit voice box contents? To protect whom? Will it hand the information to our “free” corporate media later after a doctoring and sanitizing it to confirm claims of heroic passengers in action against the terrorists? Let us remember that our corrupt Government has yet to release pertinent documents about the Kennedy assassination and will not do so for another 35 years. Why? Your guess.

Think carefully. Assuming Osama Bin Laden was the direct master-mind who plotted this highly skilled evil action, it follows that he may have many more jihad-kamikaze pilots trained in America and elsewhere hiding and waiting to strike again. If that is the case, then the American people had better remove the Texas cowboy squatter in the White House and send him packing back to his ranch and restore to his rightful position the intelligent leader they elected, because Al Gore also happens to be the very man who had recommended as far back in 1997 greater aviation security (see: Al Gore has all the skill and knowledge needed to make our country secure and respected once again. He can restore the economy and protect our environment from the brutal depredations of a crazed oligarchy of oil barons and bank tycoons.

We the People must also demand that our representatives in Congress stand up as good Americans or resign. We must demand that they be faithful to our Constitution and impeach the five criminals who stole the election – throw them in jail and save our Democracy from Republican neo-fascism for the next hundred years.

America’s foreign enemies, whoever they are and wherever they are, without question planned their attack very skillfully, and we’d better find all of them whether they be in Switzerland, China, Iraq, Israel, Korea, Afghanistan or even in Texas, Mexico, or Chile, plotting with American double agents, etc. We cannot just go helter skelter and massacre thousands of people, shotgunning rockets and bombs all around the world, losing lives of our own young men and women to help those Republicans who betrayed America so their corporate sponsors may gain more power and destroy our Democracy forever. We need to find real American heroes and send them on their own Mission Impossible. After all, if 18 terrorists armed with pocket knives, allegedly supported by a horse riding bandit hiding in Afghanistan’s caves, were able to pull off a Mission Impossible of that magnitude, American and British James Bond types supported by our trillion dollar technology should do better and find the den of evil even if it’s like looking for a needle in the haystack. Killing thousands of innocents in hope of hitting one Osama Bin Laden disguised as a camel driver or slipping from place to place among a million refugees veiled and appearing to be a pregnant mullah’s wife is as stupid as wasting billions for a useless fat Secret Service to police American homes and find every excuse to destroy our Bill of Rights because Osama Bin Laden may be hiding under the bed of a Middle Class Republican family in Austin,Texas.

No American should be persecuted or abused as “disloyal” because of race or national origin. This great democratic ideal is what makes us a civilized country. Let us not allow the Bush neo-fascists to destroy our social progress and human rights.

We all share grief and outrage over the tragedy of September 11 and want those responsible brought to justice. As free people and REAL patriots we defend liberty which alone defines us as true Americans. We must stand for the right to dissent and for equality before the law.

Nazi and Republican newspapers would never agree with our American sentiments. In fact, the Nazis continued to print false claims of Communist terrorist conspiracies, declaring that only Hitler and the Nazi Party could prevent Communist terror and takeover. They took control of the State-run radio and broadcast Hitler’s inflammatory speeches all across the nation.

Next Hitler turned his attention to election day. All resources necessary for a big win were placed at his disposal by the large industrialists who had helped him to gain power and now gladly coughed up millions of Marks. Representatives from Krupp munitions and I. G. Farben were among those reaching into their deep pockets and several American corporations were included (see: Today the same corporate beasts are supporting war, ecological devastation, exploitation of labor the world over, right wing dictators, censorship by media control, medical monopolies, and a pseudo war on drugs which conceals the reality of an ocean of ill gotten money supporting political abuse and fraud.

Goering, acting for Hitler, much as Rove and Tom Delay act for Bush, said: “The sacrifice we ask is easier to bear if you realize that the elections will certainly be the last for the next ten years, probably for the next hundred years.”

On March 5,1933, the last free elections were held in Germany, but the people denied Hitler his majority, as Americans denied Bush a majority in the 2000 elections. The Nazis received only 44% of the vote. Despite massive propaganda and the brutal crackdown, just like the abuses in Florida 70 years later by Jeb Bush and his criminal moll Catherine Harris with the GOP mob, the goal of establishing a Nazi dictatorship after the election debacle was now within reach, however, the lack of the necessary majority was an obstacle. For Hitler that obstacle was soon overcome by violent means, just as Bush was to in Florida where the Tallahassee Jeb Bush mafia, in league with the Supreme court right wing majority, raped America as Hitler had raped Germany.

The difference between the Nazi rise to power and the takeover of the American Government by neo-fascists in 2001 is that neo-fascism is not just national. America is being taken over by a multinational corporate fascist network setting itself up above national governments through world trade and financial manipulations. The WTO is a rising super-government voiding national sovereignty. George Bush and his clan are only the errand boys of mega corporations who have supported the likes of the Bushes for over a century. The congressional record reveals that the Bush family supported Hitler and also shows Bush Sr. being in business with the Ben Ladin family.

Our last hope is in overwhelming opposition at the polls in 2002 and 2004. Unless we Americans march en masse to vote for freedom and turn the tables on the GOP Nazis in 2002 and 2004, what happened in Florida will go down in history as the end of Liberty and Democracy in America. It is our duty as a free people to oppose tyranny and deceit, to regain control of our Government, and to sue the world for peace and justice for all. It can be done if we, united and free, fully engage our proverbial courage.