Hugo Chavez may have his own personality defects, like all humans do, however, his stature was greater in defeat than in victory. Conversely, the abysmal depravity of capitalist media by stark contrast made Hugo’s temporary political loss shine as a moral victory and a testament to his democratic honor and statesmanship.

Dante Alighieri’s immortal words: Qui si parra’ la tua nobilitate! (Here shall your nobility be proven!), clearly applied on December 2 to Hugo. Facing alone the perennial struggle for truth, Dante forgave innocent error, but consigned hypocrites and traitors to the deepest circles of hell.

Chavez realized that some of his people did not fully understand the complex referendum (containing over 60 amendments) and that he had not made enough debate and discussion possible on the grassroots level in his enthusiasm to quickly move forward on important social reforms. Venezuelans will now have some time to regroup and launch an even better round of constitutional amendments to open the floodgates to the life saving waters of participatory democracy.

Author Gregory Wilpert, editor of, which provides objective and accurate information on Venezuela, wrote:

By rushing the reform process Chavez presented the opposition with a nearly unprecedented opportunity to deal him a serious blow. Also, the rush in which the process was pushed forward opened him to criticism that the process was fundamentally flawed, which has become one of the main criticisms of the more moderate critics of the reform.

Chavez, aware of his error, accepted defeat por ahora (for now), signaling that fascist violence and media deception would not have the last word.

The deluded, rich and poor alike, are victims of the capitalist system’s controlled mass media. The capitalist global system of unlimited greed and unending brutality can only be branded as satanic. The victims are billions of oppressed, bombed, starved, and destroyed lives all across the planet. Like small fish trapped in a swamp, entire populations are unable to escape the suffocating polluted quagmire in which they are immersed by the powers that be. The people, for lack of information, cannot even begin to realize that this barbarous environment is a barrier deliberately constructed to prevent their access to the abundant waters of life, which nature provides for all. Few realize that this lethal condition is artificially generated by the unrestrained greed and powerlust of a very small minority controlling the system called “capitalism,” which should more realistically be called “satanic capitalism.”

Hugo can take comfort from the example of that expert on satanic forces, the greatest Italian poet, Dante, who was accused of being mentally sick by corrupt lunatics of his time, including Catholic bishops and priests, just as Antonio Gramsci, the Italian socialist, found comfort when he studied, in prison, how Dante turned to his conscious inner-self and asked: Help me now to write what I saw. Here shall thou prove thy spiritual worth.

Like Dante and most great men, Hugo Chavez has been accused of being a power-hungry dictator. Nothing new in this world of hypocrites. Christ, an early socialist, was accused by the evil empire of his time of seeking to be a king because he sought to help the poor. In fact, Christ was a threat to the ruling class, as Chavez is. This writer is confident that Hugo will soon inspire the people to bring a new, even stronger constitutional reform forward to a landslide victory.

In his moment of political defeat, Hugo Chavez proved that Qui si parra’ la tua nobilitate. In fact, the world media continues its chicanery by manufacturing outrageous lies about the reform. For example, just before the referendum, there appeared a cheap, quickly-removed Washington Post article by torture aficionado Donald Rumsfeld, titled: “The Smart Way To Beat Tyrants Like Chavez,” a pathetic barf of lies, like: the free world has too few tools to help prevent Venezuela’s once vibrant democracy from receding into dictatorship. Such malicious lies from a major war criminal in a major U.S. newspaper evidence the disreputable level to which mass media has sunk. For a great rebut to Rumsfeld’s sludge, see Carlos Martinez’ article: “I Thought Dictators Couldn’t Lose Elections!” at:

Hugo Chavez exposed sordid sold-out pundits like Rumsfeld with his graceful acceptance of the outcome of the referendum. Hugo said: We will respect the result, whatever it is — even if it’s by one single vote. Venezuela’s electoral system was proven exemplar, efficient, and trustworthy.

For the safety of Venezuela’s democracy, this writer hopes that before the next referendum, strict laws will be established by the National Assembly to ban false information from the public media, on pain of prison and high fines. Freedom must be protected from the poison of misinformation, violence, and fascist deceit.

Prior to the December referendum, the oligarchy’s scaremongers waged a rabid campaign of slander and violence. The pressure was merciless. The mendacity of the Roman Catholic Church, spearheaded by the reactionary Episcopal Conference, must have driven the saints to drink as they heard priests preaching against participative democracy and calling it “godless communism!”

It is in the context of religious politics that capitalism reveals its truly satanic character. Like the Southern Baptists in the U.S. — that snake-pit of fearmongers, deploying battalions of Bible-pounding Christianoid preachers who lip-serve Jesus to foment war, persecute minorities, and suggest the assassination of Hugo Chavez (Pat Robertson) — religionist evil in Venezuela is incarnated by the corrupt Catholic Church and its discredited clergy of neo-fascist pedophiles — those same enemies of Christ who opposed liberation theology in Central and South America. This decadent, anti-Christian church reasserted its historical ill-repute as supporter of oppressors when one of its spokesman was caught on candid camera in front of the holy altar, with Jesus looking down from the cross, promoting violence to oppose the referendum in Venezuela (see the video: “Venezuelan Government Uncovers Destabilization Plan” at

After the result of the referendum was announced, General Baduel, the Judas of the Bolivarian Revolution, offered to negotiate with Chavez and renounced organizing a coup. How kind! Maybe Baduel also agreed to kiss Chavez on the cheek at the right moment for 30 tons of gringo silver to help the sniper already trained for targeting Hugo. Fortunately, Hugo Chavez is no fool. He can smell danger and will never deal with Satan. There can be no collaboration between socialism and capitalism because there can be no justice between oppressors and oppressed.

The revolution must leap forward! Let citizens march shoulder to shoulder with the military and organize themselves into a strong, well-trained Bolivarian militia to prevent fascist violence, whose vicious head was clearly visible on the streets of Caracas more than once. The people must be ready before conspiring golpistas, emboldened by their mini success, obtain the intervention of foreign imperialists. Never forget that Hitler was financed by American and European capitalists, including members of the Bush family. It is predictable that, sooner or later, fascists will try a bloody, brown-shirt- style takeover. Venezuela must act fast to make its revolution permanent and defensible.

21st Century socialism is a newborn child with immense promise. It threatens satanic capitalism and therefore needs all the protection good people and their leaders can give it to make a different world possible. Hugo Chavez is the man for this season.