s the earth needs pure water to grow plants, flowers, and fruit and to feed all life, so Democracy needs a clean free press to nourish the hearts and minds of its people in Truth so that Freedom and Justice may long endure.

Mark Crispin Miller of THE NATION writes:

A media system that enlightens us, that tells us everything we need to know pertaining to our lives and liberty and happiness, would be a system dedicated to the public interest. Such a system would not be controlled by a cartel of giant corporations, because those entities are ultimately hostile to the welfare of the people. Whereas we need to know the truth about such corporations, they often have an interest in suppressing it (as do their advertisers). 1/14/02

Today the Big Ten media conglomerates – AOL/Time Warner, AT&T, Bertelsmann, General Electric, Liberty Media, News Corporation, Sony, Viacom, Inc., Vivendi Universal, Walt Disney Company – globally control television, movies, radio, music, magazines, sports, books, newspapers, and even a big part of the Internet.

Goodwriters.Net supports Democratic Media Reform and has taken the initiative to select an initial roster of INDEPENDENT MEDIA RESOURCES. This roster was chosen by progressive writers and readers of Goodwriters.Net. The Democratic Media Reform initiative automatically grants each selected medium the right to duplicate the annual roster in its own publications, thereby creating convenient access to good alternative media from many locations on the Internet, and improving Net visits and/or circulation. There is no charge or quid-pro-quo of any kind to participate in this absolutely free and democratic process.

Each selected medium is contacted by Goodwriters.Net and given the award, and with it the opportunity to display the 2002 Democratic Media Reform sunflower symbol on its website and/or in its printed media. The sunflower symbolizes the turning of a thousand seeds toward the Light of Truth.

The media presently chosen is encouraged to display their Democratic Media Reform award and to participate in a forthcoming general caucus focused on initiating legislative safeguards at both the State and Federal levels to insure that the people of the United States have a free press.