When the veil of darkness has draped itself around your life and concealed the tears of your pain and despair, when you stand alone in your hour of adversity and need and no-one is willing to stand beside you, when the battles within your life are on the verge of defeat and ruin, when you are in exile within your own mind, when your heart is empty and dampened by the tears of your anguished soul.

When you feel like a bird behind bars, which once flew free and unfettered, when sorrow has embraced your soul, when the temples of your hopes lie in ashes like the ruins of an ancient age gone by and there are no traces of your footsteps within the valley of your dreams.

When the haunting silence of night hangs like a shadow within the depths of your heart, when you cling like a child to the memories of yesterday, when the light of dawn refuses to appear and the sun does not shine, when each day has become an eternal struggle to survive.

When your wounds cry out to be healed, when fear has held courage ransom, when your soul stands in solitude and loneliness choking in isolation under a moon which no longer smiles nor yearns to gaze at his children, the stars, when all have betrayed you, when love has left your heart and not returned.

When you no longer believe in yourself, when pain and grief are your constant companions, when there is no vision within the mists of your agony, when no one listens or understands you, when peace is a distant world, when you have become a fugitive within your own mind, shackled like a slave within your own insanity —

Refuse with every last drop of sacred blood within your bruised and battered body to surrender your soul to the pains of your existence!

Believe in yourself, even if all those around you doubt your ability to rise above the chaos and stand tall against the obstacles and challenges in your life. Remember that the only limitations are those you place upon yourself and your thoughts make the world what you want it to be. Therefore, mold your thoughts into a weapon of immense power. Within us all lie an inner strength and peace which the world cannot penetrate nor ignorance poison. Embrace that inner source of strength and you will become fearless.

Become like the seasons: ever changing, ever adapting, ever moving. Nature is in constant flux, the old gives way to the new. This is the course of life, yet within this existence life continues despite its pains. Within the midst of our suffering there is meaning!

For just as water runs from a stream, as the oak tree grows strong and upright, as snow –the softest and most peaceful of Nature’s elements– covers the fiercest of mountains, so new life and meaning will emerge from your own inner being.