Publishers and editors are human and as in need of recognition, human contact, and praise as are writers, artists, and all of us. 

Some writers, having suffered too many rejections, develop a negative image of the professional women and men who have the burden of saying “no” more often than “yes.”  Equally, editors and publishers often form the wrong attitude toward unpublished writers who present themselves with a large dose of ego.

Being an editor and publisher, I have often had to reject submissions, but being a writer in a family of writers, I empathize with the writer’s disappointment.  So instead of sending a standard rejection slip for a work that shows promise and effort, I send a personal comment on one of the cards from my collection at Greetings With Heart, gently suggesting that they try also to create a human bridge with the publishers and editors they contact in the future. My cards seek to capture the cosmic mystery in Nature. The personal touch of giving should come from the heart and honor the recipient’s human value.

I have been surprised by the results of this simple personal touch.

Dear Viktoria,

Thank you for your very helpful suggestion about adding a special touch when communicating with publishers.  I sent out my poetry with a friendly hand-written message on your photo art cards.  Out of 7 submissions, 5 responded.  This has never happened to me before.  In each case, the response included an acknowledgement of my personal greeting.

One in particular stands out:

‘I kept looking at that magic flower image on my desk (somehow, I couldn’t throw it away), and I realized I hadn’t gone over the submission that came with it.  Thank you for that stunning image.  As an editor, it has been a long time since I’ve received such a nice personal note.’

I was floored.  All I had written was:

‘So simple a beautiful image may explain why images are worth a thousand words.  On the other hand, a single haiku poem reverses this thought, and suggests that a few words can convey a thousand images.’

Anyway, I just wanted to send you my appreciation for your good advice.