There was a lady who lived in a large house, but she was not happy, not happy at all!

Closing herself off in her bedroom, there were tears and remorse over her life.

Now, every day, a sparrow would come to her window and tap-tap-tap on it.

This sparrow wasn’t the most handsome nor did he have the best stocked nest among the other birds.

However, he did have a heart that he wanted to share with the lady, for he as well felt her distress and tears.

And so he would daily fly to her window: tap-tap-tap.

The lady at first ignored the sparrow, not even giving him a glance.

After a while, she did at least come to the window, but never opened it.

Secretly she admired the sparrow’s persistence.

But, alas! everyday she would leave the safety and silence of her bedroom and descend to an uncertain and more troubling level

One that would inevitably make her unhappy and unfulfilled.

Still, she would — in the quiet of her room — think of the sparrow and yet she never opened the window upon his tap-tap-tap arrival.

On one occasion, she even admonished the sparrow to leave her alone and to never come to her window again.

But both knew there was something of a bond, a strong bond there.

So the sparrow — the one with not the prettiest feathers and a really messy nest — still would arrive.

And on the latest visit, the lady cracked open the window

And as the sparrow flew away, he saw her smile.

Yet it was still going to be another long and cold and lonely winter for him.

But there was a glimmer of hope for them both, wasn’t there?