Hold your nose! This writer is very, very angry and claims the right to the healthy exercise of public wrath and open contempt toward incorrigible evil. The French call unregulated capitalism “savage capitalism.” They are too polite. I call it (take your pick) “diabolical capitalism,” “infernal capitalism,” or, more accurately, “satanic capitalism.”

Here is an example of satanic corporate behavior that stinks to high heaven, enough to drive the saints to drink!

Let me first try to sketch the enormity of the event in a single outraged, wordy, and rambling paragraph, hoping the English language can provide adequate burning frames and sufficient force to leave an unforgettable impression in the popular consciousness of the abysmal darkness of our oppressors and our (only apparent) helplessness until we wake up in utter rage. 

EXXON and other capitalist gangsters are viciously scraping food out of the mouths of Venezuelan and American poor children, with a lynch-mob attack against one of the few brave benefactors of the poor. The assault is happening in the dark labyrinth of international alleys where the corrupt, legal-oid, colonialist, court systems of oppressors operate, masquerading greed and more plunder as –believe it or not — justice! Yes! Justice for the unfortunate obscenely rich and conniving oil companies. These carnivorous capitalist cannibals use main sewer media deception power and privatized black water military terrorism to impose and whitewash their crimes with transparent coats of pseudo respect for international law. EXXON, the good guy, versus Chavez, the mean dictator, with the help of a legal system that protects only the very rich. A fair contest, wouldn’t you say?

Exxon claims to have been robbed of some of its holy profits by Hugo Chavez’s mania for feeding the poor of Venezuela and his keeping poor American children warm in the northeastern winter by offering low cost heating oil. Isn’t that terrible? Poor EXXON! Let’s raise some donations to help Big Oil in distress.

EXXON has lavishly spent millions to sabotage international climate change negotiations and to block agreements leading to greenhouse gas reductions. It has funded groups to produce junk science that denies climate change and supports climate hogwash research, thus delaying urgently needed action. EXXON has joined Arctic Power, the lobby trying to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling devastation. (Once you’ve seen a polar bear in the zoo, you’ve seen them all. Just ask Ronald Reagan who said: “If you’ve seen one redwood, you’ve seen them all.”) The Union of Concerned Scientists reports that in 2004 alone EXXON funded 29 global warming denial groups. Since 1990, the oil giant has spent more than $19,000,000 to promote groups that rebuff global warming facts through print and online publications that are not peer reviewed by the scientific community. So, EXXON will proudly go down in history as one of those diabolical companies that helped end civilization and destroy the planet. It deserves our admiration for insolent, malicious impudence as the world’s richest bunch of assholes.

EXXON recently reported the highest quarterly and annual profits ever for a U.S. company. Let’s all keep in mind, chimes the media-whores, that oil companies have no choice but to raise gas prices to keep up with the cost of stealing crude oil from our commonwealth and from victim countries. Imagine that! Benevolent EXXON was forced to react to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by milking $100.72 billion from us all. Don’t you feel compassion for those fat, useless parasites? At the same time, at risk of repetition, bad boy Hugo Chavez’s PDVSA national oil company kept thousands of poor Americans from freezing by providing discounted heating oil. Now that shows you! There is a bad guy giving back to the American people some of the money they spent at Venezuelan GITCO stations. What a slap in the face to EXXON! No wonder the sleazy oil boys want to sue him!

If it ever surfaced for a moment from its loathsome cesspool of greed and financial terrorism to take just one breath of honest clean air, EXXON might conceive of the idea of giving back to the American people a few of the billions it pinched, plucked, and bagged from the pockets of hard working families trying to survive in the most oppressive, corrupt, and dishonest period in American history. Enough! What, am I dreaming? That is the hope of an American dream long dead. How could a mega-corporation competing in the morally lowest satanic materialism ever give a rotten fig about the suffering of ordinary people and for children dying for lack of medical care?

CNNMoney.com, a net service of CNN, Fortune, and Money Magazine, is one of the most revolting gang of media bordellos ever, surpassed only by the ultimate putrefaction of FOX News, yet CNNMoney.com had the brass impudence to re-publish the vomit article by Investors Business Daily titled “Big Oil Strikes Back At Petrotyrants,” in which — among a string of distortions and misinformation — they growl to the effect that EXXON’s 12 billion dollar suit against Venezuela and Hugo Chavez will show the “dictator” just who is BIGGER: a 400 billion predator corporation that rules Western puppet governments or Venezuela’s puny democratically elected president – who, by the way, won in a landslide and enjoys very high support of his people and growing approval from billions of oppressed people the world over. That fact alone turns capitalist fascists green with rage and yellow with fear.

According to CNNMoney.com and other of the boot-licking capitalist press, EXXON has shown that the rule of law is a far better way to win and play with the big boys than to break contracts (read “fraudulent”), steal (read “gain back”) national assets (read “stolen”) and violate internationally recognized capitalist devouring norms. Of course, these blathering business pimps do not refer to the preposterous lack of respect shown to international law by other international oil thieves like the Bush Gang, the Cheney-Halliburton Cabal, and a whole pack of bloodthirsty thieves now murdering and plundering Iraq of all it owns, while starving millions of children, including Americans, without a moment of conscience or media report to the world.

I and others sounding the alarm bell sound angry because we are very, very angry indeed. A quote from that pompous evil CNNMoney.com article, provides a perfect example of current prostitute media style reaching from the bottom of trash-pit minds and worthy of the Nobel Hypocrisy Prize:

Last year, the power-mad petrotyrant declared Exxon and Venezuela’s other foreign investors “robbers” and vowed to conquer them like Simon Bolivar taking the Andes. He hurled leftist nationalistic rhetoric against these private companies whose only ‘crime’ was to invest in and bring jobs to Venezuela.

Emphasis on the word “only” is ours and represents a “thank you” for being so self-evident and so clearly a bunch of “pendejos.” I thank you also for the comedy relief you provide in your BS articles.