You have heard the political mantram: “I support our troops!” from all the wimpy traitors in Congress who voted to abdicate the Constitutional separation of powers and surrender their congressional power to declare war into the dirty hands of an untrustworthy, unelected corporate crook. These “representatives” of their money lenders have turned themselves into contemptible puppets. The minority that opposed is the first line of defense and represents the true American hero.

Our men and women in uniform, like our representatives, are sworn to defend the Constitution and our country. Most of them are honorable and must be supported by the people in their real function: to defend our nation, but not by criminally attacking any nation that has not attacked us.

The key word is defend. Our Department of DEFENSE, however, has been transformed into a department of OFFENSE by an administration bent on turning our peace-loving American Democracy into an aggressive empire bullying all other countries in the world.

So, in light of recent events, Real Patriots must send our troops this truthful message: to obey a dictator who is using you as expendable cannon fodder to serve and advance the greed of BIG OIL and other mega corporations is to betray the interests and the defense of the American People. By obeying George Bush, you would NOT be defending America, you would be helping a traitor illicitly appointed to the White House — a coward who went AWOL and now wants to destroy the Constitution of the United States to make himself absolute dictator.

Saddam Hussein is a very bad man– one among many — but he has not attacked our country and only the UN has the authority to enforce its own resolutions. If Bush acts alone he is breaking international law and turning the world into a criminal lawless jungle. If Saddam ever attacks us, which is as likely as Uruguay attacking Russia, we know all of you, brave American soldiers, can defend your homeland, but Iraq has not the least intention of attacking us, as even the CIA has confirmed.

Only mad-George is ranting and raving about attacks. Meanwhile he and his Department of Justice cannot even handle one terrorist running lose around Washington D.C.

Any American soldier taking part in aggression against a country that has not attacked us violates international law and is not defending our homeland, his family, or his fellow citizens. If you attack countries who have not attacked us, you could be guilty of war crimes.

Also, be alert and beware of false provocations like the fake attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that sent 58,000 American boys to their death. It is quite likely that Bush will create an incident to have his war. Bush moving into Iraq will be an aggressor no different than Adolf Hitler when he crossed the border of France in 1939 launching his Blitzkrieg with his Panzer divisions. Hitler thought that his army was the most powerful in the world and that no one could stop him. Then came 1944 and Germany lay in ruins. In an age of weapons of mass destruction such a policy is sheer clinical psychosis. George is actually as insane an Emperor Nero was.

Attacking a foreign nation to take the second largest oil reserve in the world for greedy oil companies and to dispossess another people of their wealth will only make this world far more dangerous than it already has become since January 2001. It will give rise to a multitude of terrorists all seeking revenge against Americans everywhere. It will cause many new international alliances hostile to a U.S. and perceiving America to be as a dangerous and arrogant ROGUE nation.

Instead of making your loved ones more secure, you will have made your family less secure, especially if the evil oil cabal sends you home in a body bag with a letter from a mindless drugstore cowboy in chief telling your loved one what a hero you have been to die for Halliburton, Enron, Carlyle, and British Petroleum.

Be a real defender of Justice and Freedom – RESIST the BUSH MADNESS. Resist, soldier. Be faithful to your country and to the Constitution. Do not fight for evil corporations. We your fellow citizens release you from this task because it is NOT your duty. Your duty is to defend your country against the internal traitors that have taken over our government.

Be an objector of conscience. Refuse to fight for the unholy alliance of state terrorists, the Israel-Texas axis of criminal insanity. America will praise you as a real hero and be in your debt forever.