Cry, beloved country, cry! The America of George Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin is on her death bed giving premature birth to a hideous abortion: the Divided States of Amerika, a neo-nazi-mongrel.

Normal citizens – the REAL Patriots – those who honor and defend the Constitution now have the absolute right, indeed, the sacred duty, to loudly vent their outrage in word and deed.

No more political correctness.

No more diplomatic double-bullshit

Let expletives and clear four letter words resound.

Let REAL patriots organize to remove a treasonous administration.

Let truth be exposed until ignorant fanatics can no longer escape in fundamentalist fairy tales.

Good authors too who once knew better words
Now only use four-letter words
Writing prose.
Anything goes.

-Cole Porter, “Anything Goes”

(Screaming, for all the world to hear) We The People have been fucked again by shameless un-American bastards!

Under the evil direction of Jeb Bush, out of the blue, Florida produced a far-fetched, nonexistent majority of registered Democrats strangely voting Republican ONLY in counties using optical scan machines. WEIRD? The rest of Florida Democrats remained normally progressive and voted like Democrats always do. The chance of something as bizarre as 70% of Democrats voting Republican ONLY where Republican owned machines are used is 1 in 200 million, in other words, as impossible as a pig flying or George Bush telling the truth for a whole day. Of course, with all the crazy Jesus lip servers running around, a miracle must have happened. However, one still wonders why Jesus picked only those counties using Republican owned scan machines. Any thinking American who is not livid with indignation and ready for immediate action after learning that s/he has been disenfranchised again by Jeb Bush is not a real American but a contemptible un-American asshole.

We can draw a breath of relief by realizing that another stolen election is a lesser catastrophe than having the most powerful nation on earth actually elect (we cannot say: “reelect” since W was never elected) a known criminal. His crimes now number in the thousands, starting with his first felony when he brought and paid for a rent-a-riot squads of brown-shirt-like-hoodlums across Florida state lines to stop vote counting in 2000, followed by letting 9/11 happen so he could implement his premeditated aggression and massacres on Iraq along with all his other crimes against humanity.

America’s Heart-land Or ASS-land?
Bush, the butcher of Iraq, lied and young Americans died for oil, for Halliburton, and for the other corporate cannibals. The filthy butcher has the gall to claim God speaks to him. According to this mass murderer, Jesus ordered him to massacre innocents, to steal the assets of weaker nations, and to lie to the American people. Karl Rove, the ruthless brain of the butcher, is the grandson of a Nazi Holocaust camp guard. Rove, using Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative” that violates the separation of Church and State, organized the funding of pseudo-Christian false preachers like Falwell, Robertson, and other church-turds with our tax money de facto recruiting these political sermonizers to drive millions of ignorant, fake-Christian yokels into antidemocratic action by proselytizing them into believing that banning same sex partnerships, forcing women to give birth against their will (even if raped by their Christian fathers), and forbidding stem cell research that can save lives are the issues Jesus Christ’s came to Earth for.

Never mind “do unto others.” Forget caring for the poor and the sick. Stop turning the other cheek. Fuck peace on earth, and all those virtuous things that are the real sine qua non of Christianity. Millions of loony, Kool-aid, rapture-bound featherbrain fanatics are pushing the world into collective suicide by provoking Armageddon. So thanks to the use of our tax money for political religious blackmailing, millions of brainwashed zombies voted for a known criminal, therefore tagging themselves as criminally insane.

This immoral herd of Jesus slobbering pumpkin heads sent a clear message to the world that Americans hate freedom and support neo-Nazi policies of an uncivilized terrorist administration. Therefore, foreign terrorists like Bin Laden and Ad Zarkawi can now reasonably argue for no holds barred since there are no innocent civilians in a “democracy” where people vote for state terrorism, against freedom, and for aggression against nations that never attacked them.

It is extremely urgent that all sane Americans proclaim to rest of the world that a second coup d’etat happened on November 2, 2004 in America and that a clear majority of Americans voted against Bush. Our election has been stolen again by the monstrous insanity of allowing privately owned voting machines without paper trails and scan counters and without accountability to co-opt our election process. We have lost our Democracy to the unconscionable open stratagem of privatization.

Propaganda pundits strumpet that America’s “heartland” (hereinafter “ass-land”) voted for Bush mostly on “moral” grounds and because they believed the Texas AWOL fart was strong on “terror.” Laughing out loud (LOL), we ask: Is this scandalous imposture a national joke or just more FOXNEWS-shit? Even turd-heads can see that Bush was as successful against terror as a dog chasing his own tail.

  • He deliberately failed to prevent 9/11, in spite of clear warnings. 
  • He failed to destroy Al Qaida.
  • He failed to get Bin Laden “dead or alive.”
  • He failed to grab the one-eyed Mullah Omar, fried or parboiled. In fact, Omar slipped out of a Special Forces’ ambush on a motorcycle at night over the Afghan mountains and gave Bush the finger (one more amazing story only the European press covered). Bush failed to pacify Iraq.
  • He even failed to impress the world (in spite of his strutting like a fake-airman asshole on the deck of the aircraft carrier). His spectacular MISSION ACCOMPLISHED bullshit sign in big letters for the photo op made him a laughing stock all over the world.

Any Bush voter with half a brain, if there are any, who went to the polls in 2004 knew that the SOB sent our young to die on the basis of lies and that attacking nations that are no threat to us is the most serious international crime for which we hung quite a few Nazis at Nuremberg.

Mr. “Bring ’em on” dragged our country’s good name into the cesspool of Saddam Hussein torture prisons so now the world can only wonder what kind of deranged people return such a psychotic monster to power.

Bush’s Counsel Gonzales called the Geneva Convention “Quaint!” He then wrote the legal brief that aims to replace all international civilized progress with death camps, medieval torture chambers, secret prisons, screaming victims tortured on prison ships far from land where no one can hear their agony, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and hideous outsourcing of torture. All these unspeakable, premeditated evils were launched in our name by the Bush White House under the guidance of hyenas like Rove, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Ashcroft, and others. We must not rest until we bring these criminals to justice.

Bush has sown the seeds of a terrifying future. To continue to accept this irrational gang of goons is collective insanity. Citizens should demand en-masse an impeachment trial of George Bush. They should warn Congressmembers that supporting this administration will result in being voted out of office or recalled. THIS IS OUR TASK NOW IF WE ARE REAL CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

To Vote For A Known Criminal Is To Be One
This is an irrefutable fact. Americans who voted for Bush in 2004, after knowing what he has done, are aiding and abetting a terrorist criminal.

Let’s face it. We are not a rational country. Most power holders have their heads in the toilet of greed. The bastards cackle about moral standards while letting their corporations rip off workers, clients, and stockholders. The rotten procession of thieves became very visible with the collapse of ENRON, but the parade of corporate burglars seems to be never ending. And what do these criminals feed us? Fear. Their aim is to keep people weak, scared, and dependent.

The rich madmen in power have defrauded us and stolen our government, our airwaves, our land, our minerals, our jobs. They piled trillions in debt on our future. They dishonored America’s treaties and obligations and turned our beautiful Lady Liberty into a dirty old hag, prostituting herself and selling her children for a handout.

The Divided States Of Amnesia Constitution will read: “We the laughing stock of the planet, in order to titillate our greedy oppressors, have dropped our pants and bent over, waving our toy plastic flags-made-in-China where our wise leaders have outsourced our jobs to prison labor. We now proudly spread our legs to let corporate traitors and government pimps screw us again as they did in 2000. We want the whole world to know that we like being screwed so much that we let our masters do it again with their new touch-screw voting machines without a paper trail to wipe our sorry asses and prove we voted.”

Media sycophants trumpet that Bush has made us safer because there have been no more attacks on our “homeland” since 9/11. France can make the same claim of its president, so can Mexico. This flimflam media crap brings to mind the following story, showing how W’s pretzel munching kept terrorists at bay.

A security guard in the White House saw George Bush in the rose garden eating a pretzel and rhythmically snapping his fingers with a vacant look on his face (just like the one he had when he was told about the attack on the towers and continued reading”My Pet Goat”). The guard, worried, asked: ” Mr. President, is there a problem?” George kept on snapping his fingers and without changing expression answered, with his mouth full: ” I am keeping the terrorists away.”

“But Sir, there are no terrorists in the Rose Garden.”

Continuing to snap his fingers and George mumbled: “See! It works! ”

Enter Osama And His October Surprise
The 9/11 massacre masterminded by Osama, son of the same Bin Laden Family that financed the Bush family in oil and other enterprises, turned out to be just what the neo-cons had hoped for and even wrote about in their Project for a New American Century. 9/11 was a gift from Osama to George, a Reichstag Fire present from the son of the Bin Ladens to the son of the Bush Texas Oil Clan. Think about that for a moment.

George immediately paid back the favor from the son of his Father’s partner by allowing the Bin Laden family to fly out of the U.S. days after 9/11, no question’s asked. Then he made sure to obstruct any investigation of of the 9/11 attack for two years before finally allowing a sanitized and carefully controlled “bipartisan” 9/11 commission. He agreed to have himself and Cheney questioned together so there could be no contradictions on three conditions: (1) the questioning had to be behind closed doors; (2) no record keeping would be allowed; and (3) the testimony would not be under oath. For God’s sake! Are We The People so dense, so blind and deaf, so FOXed-up as not to discern the obvious fraud and treason against our country? When are we going to raise hell about this frightening corruption?

The song and dance after this astounding betrayal is to be “united!” How can sane people want to be united with the evil and sick criminals? How dare they ask us to mix the clean milk and honey of the American dream with the sewage of their theocratic nightmare? Have we gone totally bananas?

The other patriotic song and dance they throw at us is: “Support the troops!” What they really mean is “support our war of aggression.” The only honest and truly patriotic way to support the troops is to stop an unjust war and bring our soldiers home NOW. Only then will the world community move with us and help Iraq with its recovery.

The neo-cons are getting scared because more and more people are wise to their con-games. So, to delay their day of reckoning, they are promoting war without end with Iran, Syria, North Korea, and China in the lineup. It is no exaggeration to state that the very life of the planet is at stake. A new Nuremberg trial is urgently needed as is a strengthening of international resolve to restore justice so that we can all be protected from a nuclear holocaust. Is public lethargy caused by a gross lack of free media or are we being collectively drugged? Maybe there is something to the contrail conspiracy theory. Wait a minute, now comes the October surprise!

On October 30, 2004, just three days before the national election, Osama, the “evil one” appeared on our television screens, looking healthy, poised, and kingly in his golden robe to deliver a long speech directed to the American People. Most of his speech was censored by our controlled propaganda machine, allegedly to deny Osama too big a slice of prime time. Had that motive been legitimate, the BushNazi minister of propaganda would have postponed airing Osama entirely until after the election.

In Safire’s November 1, 2004, Media Matters column titled: “Osama Casts His Vote,” he suggested that Osama bin Laden was hoping for the defeat of President George W. Bush, echoing the oft-repeated and unsupported speculation that terrorists preferred Senator John Kerry over Bush. In fact, as Media Matters pointed out, the evidence suggests that bin Laden and Al Qaida were hoping for a Bush victory, since he is their best recruiter.

U.S. media brothels showed the same segments of Osama’s speech, making certain that his appearance would help elect their whoremaster. In fact, Osama intended for his appearance to assist Bush by scaring yellow Christianoids (hypocrites cast in the shape of Christians) into crapping their pants and seeking refuge in the lap of media-fabricated “fearless” W, the dimestore Texas Ranger who immediately rushed around re-nailing up his “Get Osama DEAD OR ALIVE” posters.

Osama’s message on October 20th 2004 where he reveals that WMD he will continue to use to destroy the U.S. is George W. Bush.

(Arab grandiloquence edited out. Comments in italics are for dense Christianoids.)

“Praise be to Allah (Allah is Arabic for ‘The God’) who created the world for his worship and commanded humans to be just and permitted those who have been wronged to retaliate against oppressors in kind.  (Both George and Osama believe in revenge. Osama saw his people hit by American bombs in Lebanon so, seeking an eye for an eye, he attacked Americans. George saw Americans hit by Osama, so seeking oil for an eye, he let Osama get away and attacked Iraq.)

People of America, I speak now about the only way to prevent another 9/11, and about the war causes and effects.

Security is indispensable for human life and free men do not forfeit security. Bush’s claims we attacked you because we hate freedom, that is untrue. Were it so, then let him explain why we don’t strike for example – Sweden? Freedom-haters don’t have defiant spirits in their ranks like the 19 martyrs that attacked the towers – may Allah have mercy on them. (Those terrorists were fanatics, but hardly cowards as our Texan-deserter-in-chief called them after himself hiding scared shitless for hours during the attack.)

No, we fight because we are free men who don’t sleep under oppression. We want freedom for our nation. Therefore just as you attacked our nation, so we attack yours.  (Will Rogers told the Japanese before WWII: “If you don’t jump on us we will not jump on you.”)

Only a dumb thief plays with the security of others and then expects to be secure. Thinking people, when disaster strikes, look for its causes to prevent it happening again.  (Here Osama clearly shows that George is unable to think as a statesman.)

I am amazed. Four years after 9/11 and Bush is still lying and hiding the real causes from you. Thus, the reasons for a repeated attack are still there.  (Is this a peace proposal or a threat from one terrorist to another? The threat of more attacks is implied only as consequence of further U.S. attacks in Arab lands. Is this a truce offer? Is revenge more important to Christians than making peace as Jesus teaches?)

So I shall tell you the truth of how and why I decided to attack your country so you may reflect.

After oppression and tyranny by the American/Israeli coalition against our people became unbearable, the idea of attacking your own land came to my mind.  (We attacked first, so to Osama Americans are terrorists and his actions, he feels, are legitimate reprisals, just as we feel about attacking Afghanistan after 9/11.)

America permitted Israel to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped in that aggression. Bombardment began. Many were killed and injured. Others terrorized and displaced. I could never forget the blood and severed limbs of women and children lying dead everywhere. Houses destroyed, high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our homes without mercy.  (That was American terrorism against a people who could not defend themselves with F-16s and B-52s. Lip service Christians might reflect on the words of their Lord: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”)

America was like a crocodile attacking a helpless screaming child. Can a crocodile understand anything but weapons? The whole world saw but did nothing. (The so-called civilized world is a pathetic collection of immoral and amoral materialists as we witness every day, from Bosnia, to Rwanda, to Sudan, to Ecuador, to the Congo — do only American lives have value?)

An immense pain was in my soul, an intense hatred of tyranny, and a strong resolve to punish the oppressors. As I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, I knew we should punish the evil doers (the concept of “evil doers” was not coined by Bush in Texas) in kind and destroy towers in America so the aggressors might taste what we tasted and be deterred from killing our women and children. That day, I realized that intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy.  (On the day Osama spoke, 30 October 2004, the genocidal massive attack on Fallujah was underway.)Americans insist their acts of destruction are freedom and democracy and see our resistance as terrorism and intolerance.

Oppressing and causing the death of millions with an embargo as Bush Sr. did in Iraq was the greatest mass slaughter of children mankind has ever known. To Bush Jr. dropping millions of pounds of bombs and explosives on millions of children in Iraq is freedom marching on to remove an old tyrant and replace him with a new puppet that will help the Bushes pilfer Iraq’s oil wealth and other outrages.  (Note that the excuse of liberating Iraq after Saddam was captured no longer exists and the destruction of a city and its population as a liberation from a dictator is a lie. The Iraqi resistance are patriots fighting for their country’s independence.)

The events of September 11th came as retribution for great wrongs. Should a man be blamed for defending his home? Is punishing aggressors in self defense terrorism? You may call it terrorism but it is unavoidable once you attack us. I tried to communicate this, repeatedly, for years before September 11th. You can go back and read, if you wish, in my interview with Scott in Time Magazine in 1996, or with Peter Arnett on CNN in 1997, or my meeting with John Weiner in 1998.

Consider the warning strikes I gave you, in Kenya and Tanzania and in Aden. And you can read my interview with Abdul Bari Atwan, as well as interviews with Robert Fisk.
The latter is one of your compatriots and co-religionists and I consider him to be neutral. So the pretenders of freedom in the White House and the TV channels controlled by them could offer you an interview with him? So that he may explain the reasons for our fight against you? 
 (Media hustlers have been derelict in informing the American people. To know what the enemy said is smart, especially for a country with smart bombs and dumb leaders.) 

If you wanted to avoid further provocations, you would be taking the just path that will lead America to security as it was before September 11th.  (Maybe the path of peace might, after all, be cheaper than another 500 billion dollars sent and many more thousands of our young people’s lives. Let the American people decide.)

You know the causes now so let us look at the effects. By all standards the effects exceeded all expectations. The Bush administration resembles the regimes in our countries, half of which are ruled by the military and the other by the sons of kings and presidents characterized by pride, arrogance, greed, and misappropriation of wealth. This resemblance was obvious after the visits of Bush Sr. to our region. He was impressed by those monarchies and military regimes, and envious of their holding to power for decades, able to embezzle public wealth without accounting.

So Bush the Elder took dictatorship and suppression of freedom as examples to his son who later created the Patriot Act, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Bush Sr., like a king, installed his sons as state governors and imported election fraud expertise from our region’s presidents to Florida and made successful use of it. (The facts of the 2000 coup and the 2004 election render this statement true.)

All of this made it easy for us to provoke and bait this administration. So we are continuing this policy of bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy, Allah willing.  (Bush is blindly helping Osama accomplish this devastating goal. That’s why Bush is Osama’s very effective weapon of mass destruction.)

Those who say that al-Qaida has won against the White House have not been precise, because al-Qaida is not the sole factor in achieving those spectacular accomplishments.  (The accomplishments of a few thousands angry Arabs against the world’s sole superpower are by any measure spectacular.)

Rather, the policy of the White House that demands the opening of war fronts to keep their various corporations busy – whether they be working in the field of arms, oil, or reconstruction – has helped al-Qaida to achieve enormous results.

Some analysts and diplomats say that the White House and us are playing as one team towards the economic goals of the United States, even if our intentions differ. (Clearly the economic collapse of the U.S. is the goal of both Bush and Osama. Bush’s insane intention is to outsource jobs, cut taxes for the rich and big corporations, and create a new world order where millions of poor people will provide cheap labor and where an elite of pseudo-Christian “elect” will live in luxury in a theocratic Empire until the “rapture” when Jesus will bring them all to paradise. No matter how many crimes they commit, as long as the maniacs declare Jesus to be their personal Savior they expect to get a ticket for the rapture-bandwagon to heaven. Osama, on the other hand, also wants to collapse the modern world to install a Moslem civilization and get rid of Western influence in Islam. Same goal, different intentions. Both the fanatic Muslim and Christianoid Taliban are dangerous lunatics.)

This is what a British diplomat and others were saying in their lectures at the Royal Institute of International Affairs(i.e., that the U.S. and Al Qaida are playing as a single team for the same goal). They pointed out, for example, that al-Qaida spent $500,000 on the 9/11 attack while America paid a price – according to the lowest estimate – of more than $500 billion. That means that every dollar of al-Qaida cost America a million dollars, besides the loss of a huge number of jobs.

America’s economic deficit has reached astronomical numbers. And even more dangerous for America is that our fighters recently forced Bush to seek emergency funds to continue the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is evidence of the success of our bleed-America-until-bankruptcy plan – with Allah’s permission.

This shows that al-Qaida has gained. But on the other hand just look at the size of contracts acquired by the shady Bush-linked mega-corporations, like Halliburton and its kind. All this reveals that the real losers are…the American people and their economy.  (Clearly Osama has more info than a guy running between caves dragging a kidney machine could possibly have. Where is he? Ask yourself. Perhaps in Saudi Arabia with his family? Perhaps hiding in Crawford, Texas? You never know these days.)

We had planned the 9/11 operations to be carried out within 20 minutes. It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces would abandon 50,000 of his citizens in the twin towers to face those great horrors alone.

He felt that talking to a little girl about a goat butting was more important than planes butting skyscrapers, so we were given more time to execute our operations – praise be to Allah.

And it’s no secret that thinkers and perceptive Americans warned Bush before the war that what he needed for securing America and removing weapons of mass destruction – assuming they existed – was already available to him. The nations of the world were with you in the inspections and it was in the interest of America not to be thrust into an unjust war with an unknown outcome” (which shows that Osama has a better grasp of world conditions than our Texas midnight cowboy-in-chief).

But the darkness of the black gold blurred his vision and he gave priority to private interests over American public interests. So the war went ahead, the death toll rose, the American economy bled, and Bush became embroiled in the quagmire of Iraq (the facts confirm these observations).

Bush’s hands are stained with the blood of all those killed from both sides, all for the sake of oil and keeping their private companies in business.  (Just like fanatic Christianoid Bush, who sees fanatic Muslim Osama as a terrorist evildoer, so Osama sees only the blood Bush spilled as evil but justifies his 9/11 massacre as retribution. The U.S. has been doing the same, rationalizing about bombing civilians everywhere as retribution and defense of U.S. interests — a tit-for-tat.)

Finally, reflect on the last thoughts of the thousands who left you on 9/11 as they gestured in despair. They are important testaments. In their gestures before the collapse, they said: “How mistaken we were to have allowed White House’s aggressive foreign policies against the weak.”  (Here Osama is pulling at collective guilt. We American turned a blind eye to our Government attacking innocents in other countries for a long time and we reaped the fruits of our indifference.)

It is as if when they died they were telling you: “Hold to account those who have caused us to be killed.” So know that: “It is better to return to the truth than persist in error.” And that wise Americans do not want to squander security, wealth, and children for the sake of the liar in the White House.  (Here he’s calling for the people to move for peace and reconciliation.)

I tell you in truth, that your security is not in the hands of Kerry, nor Bush, nor al-Qaida. No. Your security is in your own hands. And every state that doesn’t attack us has automatically guaranteed its own security.  (Peace alone, a permanent end to hostilities brings security. Israel has proven over half a century that continued retaliation brings continued bloodshed. Security is to remove our support from the warmongers and seek peace everywhere based on justice.)

All peace be upon he who follows Allah’s Guidance. [End of speech.]

Unless We Destroy Them First, Unverifiable Voting Machines Will Erode Our Democracy
We must stop corporations from handling and contaminating our vote and end the secret, invisible method in which our votes are counted.

Companies in the voting business are owned, among others, by (1) a family that believes the Bible should replace the Constitution, (2) a top Republican in the state of Ohio, and (3) Saudi investors (the latter underlines the collaboration between Osama and Bush in destroying America).

Of all of the crimes against the People and Democracy stealing our vote is the ultimate.

Our vote is the most sacred foundation of freedom and too important to be manipulated by greedy private corporations.

It’s time that the USA – like most of the rest of the world – return to paper ballots, counted by hand by civil servants (our employees) under the watchful eye of the party faithful and other people-appointed representatives. Even if it takes two weeks to count the vote.

This method has worked for nearly 200 years and it can work again.

And if we must have machines, let’s have them owned by local governments, maintained and programmed by civil servants answerable to the people, using open-source code and disconnected from modems. Let them produce a voter-verified printed ballot, with all results published on a precinct-by-precinct basis and with an unidentifiable verification poll number that can be tracked and reconfirmed with the counting station by each voter.

Thomas Paine wrote: “The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery.”

We strongly recommend that you acquire one or both of the following videos and use them as to show to others and help turn the tide.