America started the new millennium with a coup that violated the most sacred prerogative of a free people: the right to have every vote counted when they elect their President.

More that 700 constitutional law experts from nearly every law school in the nation, historians, political scientists, Supreme Court litigators, all across the political spectrum condemned the majority decision of the highest court as “unconstitutional,” “lawless,” “illegitimate,” “unprincipled,” “partisan,” “fraudulent.” Vincent Bugliosi, the renown California prosecutor, courageously called the decision “treason” and declared that the five Justices who stopped the counting of votes are “criminals that belong behind bars.”

On November 12, a consortium of major US media, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, the Associated Press, The Tribune Co. (owner of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Orlando Sentinel), the St. Petersburg Times, and the Palm Beach Post, released their interpretation of alleged results of a recount of votes cast in Florida in the 2000 presidential election. The media report is a blatant fabrication to legitimize Bush and cover up the fascist coup that installed an oil industry puppet in the White House.

UNECO wrote to the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), the nonprofit survey firm affiliated with the University of Chicago, hired by the media for the recount on October 14, nearly a month before the November 12, media report publication. UNECO complained of the delay in releasing the truth with the following letter:

We have been informed by your website that you will not release the final Florida vote count because of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks. We are unable to understand how telling the truth to the American people has anything to do with the New York tragedy. If the final vote count shows an Al Gore victory by many thousands of votes, as reliable information has been leaking to many, then you are hiding the results to prevent public confirmation that our “President” has no legitimate right to be in the White House. This means that you are helping the terrorists by contributing to the abuse of the public trust and proving to the world that America’s democracy is quite as arbitrary as the Taliban.

If, on the other hand, Mr. Bush has been proven a winner by your count, delaying release of such proof again plays in favor of terrorists by denying proof that America’s Commander in Chief was legitimately elected, after all.

One more important point. Please, no doctoring results after the fact (emphasis added). It is too late for anyone to believe you after your adopting so far-fetched an excuse for denying the American People their right to know about the true results of their own vote count in an election that quite clearly was stolen from every American who went to the polls. Doctoring or falsifying the count after your astounding announcement would forever compromise your credibility as an objective venue.

Finally, we understand your omission of public duty has been forced on you by the very newspapers that commissioned the count. This further proves that the American people are being defrauded of their most basic democratic right for the third time. First by the Florida Republican machine. Second by a Republican majority of five members of the Supreme Court, and now by corporate media power preventing your university from performing its honorable task.

This letter will be circulated to thousands of people, and if you have any honest response to offer, the same will be also so circulated. If you remain silent then your silence will speak loud and clear to the American People who are not as gullible as corporate media would like to believe.


Aldo Vidali

On October 16, the following response was sent to UNECO by NORC:

To: <>

Your message is misdirected. NORC was hired by the media group to examine the uncertified ballots and to compile a data set to be delivered to the group members, each of whom would analyze the data and report the results. As of this writing, the media group has not received the data set. NO ONE has analyzed it, and NO ONE knows what the data will show. We are assured that the media group members will begin their part of the project when they have the resources to allocate to it. Perhaps you should raise your concerns with the members of the group.

Julie Antelman
NORC Public Information

October 19, UNECO responded and forwarded this document to all previous recipients and to the newspapers to make this betrayal of trust by the media known to many homes in the United States:

Dear Ms. Antelman,

Thank you for your response of Oct 16.

We found the following on your NORC website:

“…Consortium members will have access to the raw data for a brief period before public release of the database, from which they will develop their own analyses and stories about what the uncounted ballots reveal.”

PLEASE ADVISE: How brief is the period of waiting for the release of the data to the public? Since American freedom is being illegally curtailed by an administration which, as NORC now knows irrefragably, is illegitimate, the American people have an URGENT need to know, for it is the TRUTH that makes us FREE and not the other way around. Most certainly deceit and concealment play into the hands of America’s enemies whose aim, as Mr. Bush proclaimed in his war speech, is to destroy us because “they hate our freedom.” Perhaps the American media and the Republican Taliban have come to believe that if they help Bin Laden destroy America’s liberty, there will no longer be any envy of America and therefore no more terrorism.

We urge the media consortium and NORC to be real patriots: release the undiluted truth to your fellow Americans, who have a right to know.

In the spirit of Patrick Henry who said: “I know not what others may say, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death.”

This first column for GOODWRITERS.NET touches on an urgent national priority and must begin with a scathing protest on the most serious crime against the American people since the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

When writers expose evil and corruption uncompromisingly – no holds barred – unveiling stark facts just as they are, more often than not they get no support from “powerholders” whose interests are threatened by the truth. Many of them are immediately assaulted and showered with calumnies by expert calumniators. Their perseverance to write in spite of attacks on their person and professionalism is unmistakable evidence of their courage, good faith, and principle.

To achieve effective national significance, GOODWRITERS.NETneeds authors able to set standards of integrity and willing to offer examples even when truth may be very painful. Finding support for piercing truths has always been as difficult as growing mangos in the Arctic while opposition is as plentiful as wheat on America’s Great Plains.

We are not going to let this irrefragable obstacle stop us,
so here we go. No holds barred!

As the first contributor to this column I feel duty-bound to denounce, indeed accuse, the Republican Party, the Bush Mob and five Supreme Court “Justices” of treason against America’s fundamental principles of Freedom and Liberty under Law.

The United States, the most powerful nation in world history, entered the third millennium like a ridiculous banana republic taken over by a treacherous gang of swindlers criminally aided by five members of what what was once the most respected institution in the country.

The grotesque junta of five corrupt justices fraudulently, like cheap shysters, expropriated the Presidency of the United States and illegally crowned a scoundrel with the cranial capacity of an artichoke as Resident Squatter in the White House. Lady Liberty was thereby raped by one dim- witted alcoholic druggie and gang banged by five traitors. This flagrant crime was swept under the rug of corporate festivities and media hullabaloo.

The stunning enormity of event was matched only by the incredible and shameful silence of our so-called “free” press and by the scandalous weakness of Democrats reacting like milk toast pussy cats in the face of this atrocious abuse of Democracy and dastardly violation of the Constitution.

The public is constantly being sedated by a sold out-media. Less coverage and broadcast time by a factor of 10,000 to 1 was given to the most important story of the century while a minor sexual indiscretions in the Oval Office produced 20 months of continuous press and media attention and comments. Our cheap, unprofessional pseudo-free press, like a bunch of scandal tabloids good for fish wrapping, dedicated all their talent to titillating the prurient public curiosity night and day while a salivating Republican Congress of schemers, ignoring their duties to perform for the people, spent 50 million dollars of tax money to find out exactly where and just how and with what Bill touched Monica behind closed doors. Irresponsible conspiring Republican bigots inflated the private sexual encounter of a man and a woman into a ludicrous Washington exhibitionist strip tease that spawned billions of dollars of network time turning America into the laughing stock of the world!

Meanwhile poor children were kept starving and their parents denied help while Middle Class children were watching Republican Peeping Tom shows on TV networks and nearly one million men and women were made prisoners by the absurd “war on drugs” for the non-violent crime of marijuana use. The whole country knows marijuana never killed a soul but persecution makes money for the likes of the Texas mob.

Back on the Texas ranches and in the Eastern mansions hundreds of corporate criminals who kill and poison a multitude of Americans annually with tobacco, bad tires, chemicals, and a plethora of dangerous products go on getting unnoticed billions in corporate welfare and using their wealth to bribe our representatives into a perennial government of “quid pro quo” while Gorging-George pays them back with 1.3 trillion dollar tax break.

Want proof of all this?
Now that there is a monumental world shattering story
about the betrayal of America in broad daylight,
where are our brave investigative reporters?
What are newspapers working on?

Not a dime has been spent to investigate the evil intrigues behind a most frightening coup that has affected every citizens in this country and threatens our way of life and the very security of the global family. Five black robed criminals committed an infamous coup d’etat to install the puppet of multinational financial powers bent on controlling our Nation.

Feel free to copy this column and give it to others. Let us use this site as a place where the pursuit of truth is real. We must give public voice to that growing number of Americans who are becoming aware of the psychotic conditions of most of our “elected” officials whose madcap behavior leaves no room for doubt.

America is being driven by a drunken, cocaine head speeding on a frightening downhill twisting road on the edge of a precipice. The most powerful country on earth is now governed by an administration composed of ignorant zealots who are clinically insane in the exact and literal sense of the word. The proof that makes such a strong statement irrefutable is all around us and is documented in the lies and headlines of the daily press.

What can you do? Read, speak out, and protest, protest, protest! Call your friends, organize, make the evil bastards in power now fear your indignation and vote. Get informed – and inform others of facts. Your and everyone’s economic future is at stake. Freedom is at stake. Our health is at stake and national security is at stake. Join the opposition on this site if you are a good writer. Beat them at the polls and support organizations now fighting back. Do all you can to remind people of the great crime against America every day until November.

To those who will inevitably attack us and spuriously challenge these deliberately offensive (but not enough) statements and those demanding extensive analysis of the facts, we use we suggest a visit

They need to find out that we Americans can and will strike back at traitors of our country. If winning is important to you, then act and support the production of the film titled: THE TRIAL to expose the facts in America’s theatre and video screens. Check: 

The letter was sent after having learned from reliable sources involved in the recounting of 175,010 contested ballots (that prefer to remain anonymous considering the criminal neo-fascist tyranny rising in our country) that a result showing several thousands of votes majority was the smallest possible total recount version favoring Al Gore in Florida. In fact, one of the more liberal counts nearly matches an early figure by the Miami Herald showing a Gore Florida win by 47,000 votes. The first ludicrous claim that the media did not think the recount results important enough news after the 9/11 tragedy was only surpassed by the claim that the media did not have the resources to handle the story.

Finally, in November, the same media that had spent billions to scandalize the world over a White House indiscretion found the resources to fabricate the lie that Bush would have won the election – by 493 votes – even if the U.S. Supreme Court had not intervened.

The press consortium was above all contriving to “prove” that the Supreme Court ruling did not appoint the “pResident” and squirming to hatch up a facade of legitimacy for naked emperor Bush, the Global Village Idiot. The fabricated report sought also to revive High Court’s credibility, badly desecrated by its rotten betrayal of the Constitution and double crossing of the American People to aid and abet a sordid Republican neo-fascist coup.

The New York Times untruthfully headlined: “Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote.” The nauseating Wall Street Journal pooped and farted its usual uppity stench thus: “[T]he findings indicate that the Supreme Court didn’t steal the presidential election from Mr. Gore.”

Corporate media dishonesty is no surprise to anyone. During the 2000 campaign and after the Florida fascist-coup, the media hot air inflated and ballyhooed Bush’s non existent political legitimacy and gingerly dismissed the most iniquitous, most vicious, most evil crime in American history as mere irregularities and partisan bickering. For the first time since the Declaration of Independence a national election was fixed by a court-ordered suppression of votes. Bush, the Republican Taliban, and the Banana Republic Junta of five criminal Justices, with billions in bribery and complicity of corporate mass media, trampled the will of the American people and crowned and enthroned in the White House the Texas fair haired puppet of the most reactionary and nauseating oil conglomerates and megacorporate elite.

The American people have been brutally robbed and deprived of their constitutional right after Jeb Bush’s violent Republican mobsters in Florida intimidated and disenfranchised thousands of Gore voters.

These inconceivable crimes, gingerly ignored by the controlled mainstream media, mark an irrevocable break with democratic principles and traditions and are a dastardly stab in the back of American freedom. They are catastrophic acts of treason, the kind of political lawlessness employed by Adolph Hitler, Lenin ,Stalin, Saddam Hossein, and the Taliban to establish totalitarian power. They destroy democracy and ultimately devastate a nation with greater destructive power than a thousand terrorist acts could ever achieve. Dresden, Berlin, the Soviet gulags, Dachau, the killing fields of Cambodia were all consequent from such vicious power takeovers. Do we want this kind of carnage and destruction in America because an ambitious Little Texas Nero in cowboy boots is promising to destroy all evil in the world with “infinite justice” and a perennial war dedicated to his grotesque brand of “enduring freedom” where kangaroo courts are set up for secret trials, torture and execution? Does he think we are all crazy and so cowed that we’ll accept a total fool for our evil emperor?

The fabricated media report about the election is a typical fascist manipulation of public opinion. A preview of coming attractions that make those of us who have lived in fascist states cringe in horror.

The news organizations involved knew that the vast majority of the people have never experienced the abominations of fascism and do not know how to read between the lines or research to protect their future, beyond listening to the evening news pabulum or phony headlines vindicating Bush’s evil usurpation of the White House and lunatic Napoleonic exploits.

It makes no difference that the actual findings of NORC totally destroy Bush’s legitimacy and that hundreds of legal experts lowered the Supreme Court to such a despicable level that if any of the five scoundrels had a speck of integrity left he or she would quietly resign and disappear.

NORC found thousands of legal votes for Gore that had not been counted. These fell into two categories. They included undervotes that, upon examination, were found to be valid under Florida law, i.e., the ballots showing a “clear indication of the intent of the voter.” The other category was so-called “overvotes” – ballots that were wrongly rejected because a voter punched or marked a ballot for Gore and also wrote in the Democratic candidate’s name, circled it, or made some other mark around or near the candidate’s name or party. According to Florida law these votes were also legal and should have been counted.

The study acknowledged that if all of the undervotes and overvotes in Florida had been examined fairly and objectively and the legal ballots in these categories had been added to the final tally, Gore would have won the election by a large margin of thousands of votes. The Wall Street Journal, to cover its behind, was forced to admit, for example, that the study “provides strong evidence” that a “clear plurality of voters went to the polls on Nov. 7, 2000, intending to vote for Mr. Gore.” The New York Times stated that the study found “Mr. Gore might have won if the courts had ordered a full statewide recount of all the rejected ballots.”

If the media were truly free and not a corporate neo-fascist instruments run by carpet baggers, the headlines might have read: “Recount Confirms Supreme Court Injustice in 2000 Election,” or “Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Elected Gore.” The media report is classic example of fascist propaganda in the well known forked tongue Goebbels style.

Additionally, the Florida state apparatus, headed by Governor Jeb Bush, the corrupt brother of the Republican candidate, suppressed thousands of pro-Gore votes. Republican officials in 16 counties illegally refused to carry out automatic machine recounts on November 8, the day after the election. This clear violation of state election laws, which require such machine retabulations whenever the initial vote count produces a margin of victory of 0.5 percent or smaller, was encouraged by agents of the Secretary of State. NORC study shows that had these counties observed the law and carried out machine recounts on November 8 and the valid votes were included, Gore would have immediately and decisively taken the lead. Jeb Bush should be thrown in prison for treason against democratic principles and violation of the Constitutional rights of the American people.

Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst for ABC News, reports that a total of 18 counties – accounting for 1.58 million votes, or more than a quarter of all votes cast in Florida – did not carry out the legally mandated machine recount. This was done, Toobin writes, with the full knowledge of Secretary of State Katherine Harris, an appointee of Jeb Bush who also served as co-chair of Florida’s George W. Bush campaign committee. Katherine Harris should be thrown in prison in a nation under just law.

This facts alone – veiled by the media – are sufficient to prove that the Bush campaign and the Republican Party used illegal means and committed treason to steal the election.

By November 9, as a result of machine recounts that were carried out, Bush’s official lead had fallen by 80 percent – from 1,784 votes to 327 votes. Republican officials, panicked that Gore would take the lead, whispered orders to forego required machine recounts in a number of counties.

The study suggests further evidence of election fraud, including the disappearance of hundreds of contested ballots in the possession of corrupt Republican county officials. On November 8, Florida officials announced there were more than 176,000 rejected ballots. However, the NORC was able to obtain only 175,010 uncounted ballots, 1,427 fewer overvoted ballots than counties reported on November 8, and nine fewer undervotes.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and the other right wing press stooges all have a vested interest in concealing the 2000 election fraud because they were confederates in the assault on democratic civil rights.

After September 11, 2001, Bush and the Republican cohorts used our national tragedy to loot the surplus out of the treasury for their rich ilk, and took advantage of a stunned and grieving nation to bulldoze a House controlled by Republican corporate neo-fascists and a Senate controlled by cowardly unfaithful Democrats (with few exceptions) to illegally change our sacrosanct Constitution and suppress our democratic freedom and justice in exchange for the dubious protection from a security apparatus that had totally failed the American people on 9/11.

Congress neglected to oppose police state secrecy that puts the American people in the dark and at the mercy of any evil machinations. The treasonous “Patriot Act” imposes on all blind trust in an administration that has shown itself to be openly criminal from the start. To these scoundrels and traitors a suicidal Congress handed unlimited power to wage military aggression anywhere without any limits or accountability.

This lethal disintegration of legality and freedom has been executed under the transparent disguise of protecting us from terrorism. But who is going to protect us from a criminal Government terrorism if we are unlawfully forced to be deaf and blind? Only fools would vote to have security against crime by accepting to be put either in jail without recourse to the protection of law or in chains. The corporate neo-fascists are legislating to themselves the freedom to destroy our freedom. Any precedent of this kind of uncivilized brutality has no constitutional validity. WE MUST STOP THIS DEMONIC EVIL NOW BEFORE WE ARE ALL IN CHAINS!

Real patriots choose LIBERTY and are duty bound to defend the Constitution even with their lives if need be. Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security.” We must network a grassroots education and resistance to this illegitimate administration’s political crimes and send messages to all Democrats who have failed to protect our Constitution.

If we allow Bush and his mob to dismantle our Constitution, terrorists everywhere will see that with only pocket knives they can achieve a bigger victory for corporate neo-fascism then America’s victory in World War II against the Nazi and Fascist War Machine with the largest military invasion in history and thousands of American dead.

An America pushed by media-sponsored hysteria to exchange freedom for fascist chains will suffer the same destiny as Imperial Rome. Barbarian hordes were never able to destroy a law-based Republic of free Romans, but the evil empire of arrogant decadent emperors collapsed in a sea of blood. In our time Hitler’s Third Reich brought destruction to Germany and the evil Red Empire folded like a paper tiger in a carnival tent.

Let us not be next driven by cowardice in the face of the greed, hypocrisy, and decadence of our present administration