Of Animals and Jewels

Vibrant gold and silver, azure and amber adorn us
Cats claws bejewel our fingers
Eagle feathers bedeck our backs
And the snakes flickering tail entwines our spine.
Our wings have stroked the sun
While we bathed in blue light.
We have slept in ancient caves
Wandered in moonlit fields
And climbed eternal mountains.
The roar of the lion has filled our throats
The tooth of the tiger has wounded us
The serpent’s tongue has caressed our hearts
And we have swum with the demons of the deep sea.
Our souls have been ravaged and washed clean again by ruby red rivers of blood
And we have eaten the fruits of delight and drunk goblets of salted tears.
We are the sublime creatures of the wild
We are the priests of passion
We are the disciples of love.

Shiva and Shakti in the Sea of Love

She lies waiting in the sea
Of swirling deep waters
The light in her heart
No longer allows her
To travel to the dark caverns
Of the heavy laden lands
She is confined now to this place
Of luminous water and light
Bells ring in her ears
She has no more memory
Of the other sounds
Of the other tastes and smells
Now there is only the sweet taste
Of the nectar from the lips of her Beloved
He will come to her in the sacred pool
Of swells and strong currents
A meeting of the raging fires that burn
And the blessed waters of love.

Your Pretty Flower

So easy to say you love me
Like a pretty flower
You pass on your way to somewhere else.
For me it’s not like that
My longing for you
Is like being lost inside the flower
Tangled in silken petals
Breathing the scent of your name.


Your steps beside me
Echo like bells
Your presence drapes my shoulders
In swirling silk
My eyes drowning
In rivers of you
“Let’s share our blood”
You murmur
Our love like bread among friends
Gold coins on the steps of the temple.

Black and White 

I clothe myself in the white gown of beauty
My skin is soft
I imagine your fingers stroke my arm
I am the ecstatic bride of faith and waiting.
When the night turns cold
I wrap myself in the black shawl
Of the passionate dancer
Of the widow
How many times have I lost you?
To another woman
To another world
To the great mystery of your life
Separate from mine.

Circus Horses

The lessons come
The hard ones
Like circus horses
That I may dance upon their backs
Fearless and brave
Strong and beautiful
I don’t mind the falls
Because I can practice flying
Soon I will try the trapeze…..

The Shore

You slide between my fingers
Like crystal sand
Each grain another
Living piece of my heart
Sifting forever
To an endless beach
Where you will always be
But never in my hand
Brilliant sun embraces
Waves caress
The universe illuminated
All sorrows dissolve
In the shadow free light
Of pure love.


I trudge through frozen fields
Searching for wood
to keep us alive in winter
You reach inside your heart
And pull words like spring rose petals
Sweeter and warmer than any fire
In this cold place we are calling home….
Your body is my shelter
Your touch is my heat
Your breath is my sustenance
And we are no more different
Than two snowflakes in a raging storm
All separation dissolving
Thin ice
In the blazing sun
Two drops of water
In an ocean of love.

The Pierced Heart

I have drunk deeply from the cup of love
‘’til there was not another drop
My lips still parched
I pleaded for more
For I could not find the sea of love
That sang inside my own heart

I have thrown myself at the feet of love
Wracked with longing
My body raging
With the fires of love

I have shed my blood on the loins of love
And wept ‘’til there was no more salt in the ocean
No more water in the well

I have stood rooted in the storms of love
When I thought I could not withstand her fury
I have survived only to dare her force again

I have bathed in the rivers of love
My skin singing with her sweet graces
My heart split wide with her fierce currents

I have tried to strangle love
To trap her
To spoil her joy
And she has turned to me with tears in her eyes
Crying for her freedom
And begging me to believe in her

I have in my blindness
Offered her half my heart.
She gave me back a candle
That burned sweetly until dawn
Then flickered and surrendered
To the demons of scarcity

I have made demands of love
And thought to use her for my comfort
But she has alluded me
Amused by my foolishness
And calling me yet further and further
‘’Til all I could do was to follow her
For nothing else mattered
But the silver song of her voice in my ear
Her ecstatic kiss on my lips

I have tried to bargain with love
I have sat at her table and begged for her crumbs
I have pleaded for promises from her lips
She has refused me time and time again
And offered me only her truth
Waiting for the prisoner of fear
To finally rest in her sublime embrace

I have laughed with the high priestess of love,
And seen her golden light in the morning mist
And her flashing glance
Dancing in the stars at night

I have sought high and low for love
Until She found me
Enfolded me, uplifted
Destroyed and delivered me

I have stood for all eternity at the gates of love
Knocking ‘’til my fists were torn
My questions spent
Love handed me the mirror of my heart,
So I could see her at last
And know her as my own
While the sun, the moon and stars
Danced and sang her songs
In glistening spheres of light
With no beginning and no end…..