He taught, “ Which of these three do you think proved himself a neighbor to the man who fell into the brigands’ hands?”

He forced the unwilling lawyer to respond, thusly: “The one who took pity on him.” This is the ideal of compassion in all religions of the world and in every land.

A prince who had everything used his five senses to discover a world that emanated with sickness, suffering, poverty, and death. These were his Dharma pearls.

A poor and uneducated merchant spoke about destiny while converting the teaming masses

Leaving five simple pillars of strength to obey and follow regardless of classes.

Three great teachers and motivators who spoke earnestly and fervently about love of humanity

They each made their mark in their own special way, fighting against the world’s cruelties and insanity.

They said what they had to say; then, like all human beings, they moved on, they passed

All of them never thought they would stay with us eternally and be unsurpassed.

But their followers jazzed up their messages with fantastic stories, miracles, cures, visions, and illogical and incredible things

The original three would never recognize gilded domes or wear gold or silver rings.

Heavy-handed canon law, fatwas, inquisitions, torture, a clergy of pessimism, hate, and distrust — how did they come to be?

Religions have erred and strayed far from their gentle, loving masters, of this there is no doubt.

And, like Judas Iscariot, all the charlatans, rascals, fanatics and –Yes! — thugs

They went up and planted a false kiss upon the cheek of their beloved teacher.