The best defense is an unexpected and overwhelming offensive.  

Vicious Republican attacks against democracy can be defeated by a sudden surprise, vigorous, and unrelenting offensive on all points and issues they want Americans to forget. Democrats must strike the soft underbelly of the GOP elephant.

Republicans do not expect the opposition they cowed with accusation of lack of patriotism to dare raise serious issues against their TEXAS Führer. Puppet power has gone to their heads.

To win, Democrats must first recover their self confidence and stop beating around the Bush (pun intended). They must close ranks behind Al Gore and launch a massive aggressive campaign with all the Gore-proven populist flags flying and cut down, eradicate, and bulldoze the poisonous shrub by pulling its evil roots out of the phony Napoleonic ground which the corporate military industrial complex is financing in order to establish a military dictatorship in the USA.

The multi-pronged Democratic attack must demolish the GOP’s imperial pretext of protecting America from terrorism by abrogating civil rights and lawlessly amending the Constitution of the United States. 

To win, Democrats must show no hesitation in loudly proclaiming and factually demonstrating that the war on terrorism has been an abject failure – Bin Laden was not caught “dead or alive”- Al Qaida leadership not destroyed, and there was no real American military success other than 6000 civilian casualties caused by haphazardly dropping thousands of bombs which destroyed villages, camels, goats, children, old people, and wedding parties, and brought uninformed Americans serious economic loss, a near collapse of international law, and a loss of respect for America’s leadership.  

Democratic victory will surely be secured when it is shown by Democrats that the war on terrorism can only be a civilized police action like the 18th century hunt for pirates and buccaneers. The appointed “commander in thief” does not even know who is supposed to wave the white flag of surrender. Therefore, Generalissimo Bush — if openly ridiculed by strong-voiced Democrats for the incompetent and dishonest buffoon he is — will watch his approval ratings fall in the toilet, regardless of what lies CNN and FOX may concoct.

The moment voters realize there is no legal or logical support for a fake “war time” economy and for suspension of human and civil rights, they will vote the banana coup artists and their travesty of Gestapo tactics smokescreened as “homeland defense” out of office and back to Texas.

To win, a landslide majority of Democrats must dare defend America’s government of, for, and by the people and show that there can never be a suspension of those laws intended to protect all citizens from tyranny. Democrats must proclaim that (1) any law failing to respect the constitutional limits to governmental power is null and void on its face and (2) real patriots react with civil disobedience against such laws.

Democrats must relearn the principle that to tell a truth again and again causes people over time to wake up and wonder why they did not see so plain a fact sooner. Republicans have been shrewder than Democrats in using this principle, for they have proven that even lies can be made to appear as truth in the minds of the public by media repetition.

To win a a mandate Democrats must remember and be energized by what shameless Republicans did against the LEGITIMATELY elected Democratic President, and fight fire with fire.

So, my Fellow Liberals, hit right wing fanatics bigots hard on all fronts, day and night. Stab them in all their weak spots. Resurrect in the mind of the abused American people the evils of all regressive Republican administrations. They must be exposed as the party of repression, recession, depression, oppression. Their leaders are ugly people who do ugly things and their followers are fools in denial. It is the duty of all Progressives to unite and send these neo-fascists packing, tarred and feathered.

To win show the people the following irrefragable realities: 

W drools that he doesn’t need Congress to approve his wars of aggression.

W babbles that he does not need Senate approval to undo treaties that took years to negotiate and made the world safer.  

W prattles that he doesn’t need fair and open trials to dispose of people he deems guilty without a shred of proof.  

W rattles that he doesn’t need to answer questions about his own ties to corrupt corporations or about his own crooked business and double-dealings.   

Therefore, Democrats must sharply point out to the world that George W Bush badly needed to be elected before taking office, otherwise he would not have drawn these psychotic bizarre, absurd, conclusions about American principles and our national spirit of fair play.  

To win, Democrats must repeatedly show that Bush is the destroyer of the Constitution — which the perjurer swore to protect — and that he pocketed bribes and paid back his fat cat friends by stealing our national surplus and our future incomes. Democrats must accuse him of perjury and bribery, which are impeachable offenses. 

To win, Democrats must recover use of their brains, hearts, and spines, and set up a powerful preamble leading eventually to impeachment trials for crimes against our nation, perhaps even for treason. A new democratic Congress could investigate ENRON and HARKEN with the same intensity the Republican lynch mob displayed when they tried relentlessly to character assassinate a legitimate Democratic President. Give them hell, Al.   

The stealing in full daylight of Election 2000 has been the most heinous and evil crime against our country in all American history and the sweeping of it under the rug by corporate media, GOP, and cowed Democrats has been equally monstrous, scandalous, and shocking.

To win, Democrats must remind voters of the immensity of the crime and the need for redress. They must do so constantly until this hideous wrong will be so deeply carved in the consciousness of all, that future generations of Americas will see it as as something so evil and dangerous that we must never again allow it to happen. Draconian laws making attempted coups capital crimes should be enacted.

Only Christ’s crucifixion surpasses in evil the attempted destruction of the divine gift of freedom and justice which Providence bestowed on the American people as a beacon of hope for the whole world.

The deliberate destruction of the greatest human dream consecrated by the precious words of our Constitution is being broken and abandoned by a corrupt right wing administration bent on establishing a pseudo-religious christianoid tyranny. 

The Republicans must be stopped before it is too late. Freedom-loving Americans must be coaxed to demand investigations and trials. Laws must be enacted forbidding any business financing of elections or bribery by secret lobbying. All lobbying must be openly done through a specially devised procedure under a department of petitions open to citizens to see what any person or organization wants. A government window should be established where citizens can bring requests and complaints to be processed fairly and favoring capital over labor.

To win, Democrats must demand that the military-industrial complex be quickly and tightly controlled. Voter must be educated to see that a cabinet Department of Peace is needed for our economy to be prosperous again and for humanity to survive this century. Warmongering must be derailed and the environment must become clearly identified with health and economic prosperity.

Therefore, Democrats, to win, must demand that every penny of the people’s money the Pentagon transacts be accounted for.  Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, as he was a rare Republican who woke up to the danger of right wing greed and powerlust for he could see from the White House even better what he had seen as a general fighting the last just war against right wing fascist tyrants.

Democrats must seek a strong congressional censure and reprimand of the the Supreme Court five who abused the Constitution by stopping vote counting in 2000 to appoint their political protégé to White House pResident. More then 700 constitutional experts have condemned the illicit appointment of the present administration. This must be made exceedingly clear by a Democratic Congress and by unleashing the outraged demand of the people for the five rogue justices to resign. 

Democrats must point out that Bush&Co. desperately wants Americans to forget the infamous coup and “move on,” but such irresponsible forgetting would be rewarding crimes that are destroying the liberty, security, and wealth of our nation.   To forget this evil would be to accept the cancer of treason and to let it destroy our way of life forever.

Republicans hypocrites who rant and rave about the burning of the flag are destroying the very meaning of the flag which is: “one nation, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all” — as long as when we honor and obey the Constitution.

Al Gore will be irresistible by riding to victory propelled by the mighty wind of the pent-up outrage of 50 million voters whose voice was stilled and ballots stolen by a corrupt GOP plot. Al Gore must remind the nation every day until November 2004 that the economic lives of millions of Americans have been devastated by the fraud and corruption of ENRON and other evils financed by GOP sponsors in the shadows behind corporate veils.

Republicans have been hiding Kenny Boy Lay and Bush’s “blue dresses” from being laundered in public while billions stolen from the 401K retirement accounts of working families have been stashed in anonymous accounts in foreign banks by the slimy friends of “W,” the White House squatter. 

History is being rewritten by corporate scoundrels. 

Al Gore won election 2000 and has been maliciously ridiculed as a loser by dark right wing media distortions. His person has been attacked by deliberately damaging misinformation and calumny.

Meanwhile, W, the degenerate who hijacked the election (thanks to his brother in Florida who disenfranchised thousands of voters), is being glorified as a winner by a fake”free” press.

Al Gore must take on this dark propaganda machine by vigorously attacking it with the sword of truth, challenging its honor and credibility by forcing it to face past proven lies and by making it to be accountable to the people, for “no one can fool all the people all the time.”

Al Gore must encourage people to use alternate media sources and to challenge false, petulant television talking heads to vigorous debates without imposed controls. This will result in making Bush and his minions squirm and exposing them for the human vermin they are. Let America watch the right wing low life crawl back into the woodwork where they belong. Give the scoundrels no quarter; do not let them come up for air; take no prisoners; leave no stone unturned to embarrass them again and again. Lift the skirts of their preachers and expose their devil’s tails.

Al Gore will win the most astounding of victories by continuing his charge on the new strong justice path he has chosen and by being evermore starkly outspoken about the evils protected by the absence of a truly free media.

Al Gore must bring to light all the evidence of wrong against our country, expose the destruction of the environment, economic fraud, health care and education neglect, but, above all, Al Gore must must devastate Bush’s facade of “War on Terror” by showing how Bush’s incompetent and dangerous foreign policies are a colossal failure in Afghanistan and Palestine and how they have only increased the risk of terrorism growing world wide, while destroying the rule of law and turning the U.S. into the ultimate rogue state no longer trusted by our allies.

All faithful Democrats must stand behind Al Gore and join in this battle to save our republic by accusing the GOP of treason against the most fundamental of American principles. This must be done every day, just like France’s Emile Zola “J’accuse” which eventually brought justice. Democrats must create an efficient people’s electronic grapevine by using the Internet under the smart directives of Al Gore.   Let Gore show the world of media monopolies how far ahead of the pack he was not only 20 years ago and but also today. He is the top statesman in global environmental planning, a sustainable economy, communications, and in many other fields. In the hands of a Gore presidency,the foundations of a great society can be established. 

To be absolutely sure to win, Democrats must launch a fierce legal attack against those Republicans who, during Election 2000, criminally conspired, organized, and caused Republican rioters to come across state lines, all expenses paid, to violently stop the counting of votes in Florida. The voters must learn that those Republican thugs were rewarded with jobs in government instead of prison sentences.  Democrats must demand the investigation and arrest of these felons since their crimes are clearly evidenced in IRS files showing the payoffs which the Republicans declared as an expense for this illegal operation.

One of the most powerful weapons to ensure a Democratic victory is to show that Bush has concealed previous knowledge of the coming 9/11 attack and that he is showing his guilt by blocking all independent investigations. Insisting on this point is powerful campaign ammunition to reveal to the world what a dangerous phony W is.  The families of the thousands who died in the attack must be able to trust a Democratic Congress to open full and independent investigations to help their cause for justice. This powerful issue must become a neutralizing mantra instilling in the voters the conviction that the Bush Cabal is not interested in protecting Americans but in stealing the people’s wealth and usurping the citizens’ power. Democrats must decry the blindfolding of America by a criminal double standard that would destroy our right to privacy while demanding the shield of absolute government secrecy.  

Let the voters demand an answer to why on September 12, Bush allowed the Bin Laden family to fly a private plane from the US to Saudi Arabia when all other US flights were grounded. This question must be hammered endlessly until it opens a major independent inquiry against the Texas cabal and its ties to the treacherous Saudis.

Democrats will scatter Republicans into retreat by asking the public to consider the astounding fact that the Bin Laden family financed Bush’s Harken Corporation and that W defrauded its stockholders just as ENRON did. These powerful tools serve the political necessity of Democrats performing drastic surgery on the body politic to remove the extreme right-wing cancer that has afflicted American life for too long.  

ENRON and all corporate scandals must be again and again brought out into the spotlight until all injuries to people, stockholders, and communities are redressed and the slippery Bush cronies are divested of stolen goods and punished with exemplary severity.   

Most of all, Democrats must dare a frontal attack on the horrors and deceits of the Afghanistan oil war — with deep investigations of our military’s irresponsible war crimes. Democrats must cause all people to remember that fascism’s strongest escape is in asking free people to forget past wrongs and neglect redress, just as they are now doing by asking us to forget Deception 2000. The same is also being done on Afghanistan questions. After killing 6000 innocents, Bush failed to catch Bin Laden and the terrorist leadership. The GOP wants Americans to forget those costly failures and to turn our attention to Iraq and who knows what other target on the weird multi-pronged Bush “axis-of-evil.”

To win, Democrats must smash Karl Rove’s T-war-strategy by questioning these fact every day, relentlessly. W now is pushing wars of aggression so Americans will forget about investigating 9/11 or asking about Osama “dead or alive” or asking why no one has indicted Kenny Boy Lay and frozen his money. Even if W succeeds in starting more wars of aggression he must nevertheless be accused of his crimes, just as the American people dared attack the foul imperialist motives and deceits behind the Vietnam War that caused 50,000 American young men to come home in a plastic body bags.  

Real Democrats and real Americans are mad as hell and loudly condemn Coup 2000 again and again so that this crime will never be repeated. Other Americans, including those Republicans who value freedom and justice more than money, are stirring in shock.  

Thousands of disenfranchised voters must know that they have not been forgotten by Al Gore, as he promised. That is why Al Gore is duty bound to champion liberty and justice again against the usurper. He must speak to all those who voted for him and elected him and in doing so he will speak to all fair minded Americans who cannot forget the incredible betrayal of America that Election 2000 turned out to be. The frightening takeover of America by a neo-fascist mob must be stopped at all costs.

A Democratic Congress alone can restore separation of powers and save our country from the rocks of corporate tyranny. We are in the greatest danger today since the time our country was founded. Democrats must endeavor to wake up the nation by making a mighty noise now.  Tomorrow could be too late