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  The pen is mightier than the sword but only if it is in good hands. For the first time in history, ideas can be published on the Internet under the noses of today's cultural dictators, sidestepping mind-control censors. Cyberwood Forest is where e-Robin Hoods ambush corporate Prince Johns and other evil forces with accurate bows shooting arrows of knowledge, information, and truth. Writers can move multitudes to non violent resistance against environmental destruction, injustice, and all other forms of ignorance.

The need for courageous, wise, and honest writers is greater than ever before. Writers like Emile Zola, Dovstoyevsky, Dickens, Melville, Conrad, London, Steinbeck, Hemingway and - if our times can still produce universal genius - stars like Plato, Virgil, Shakespeare, and Dante have always been powerful champions for Good on earth. Good writers pose the only effective obstacle to rising global tyranny.
We look for informative writing that improves lives and inspires...fascinating historical pieces casting new light on the past and future.

Many talented authors have been rejected by publishing monopolies serving their own "bottom line" and making it impossible, with few exceptions, for daring writers to be noticed and widely disseminated. Patient perseverance inevitably rises above frantic mass marketing. New opportunities for exposure lie in effective use of the Net, and success on the Web depends on the power of quality over quantity.



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